Night Will Turn Into Day And Day Will Turn Into Night

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person’s success depends upon the environment that he manages to organize for himself. To this extent he gradually begins to change his concept: what day and night are, light and darkness. He now begins to see that what he previously considered to be the light—his success relative to others, the filling of his egoistic desires of pride—now seems like total darkness, as a terrible state from which he must escape in order to think about bestowal upon others, about the friend’s success, and about bestowal upon the Creator.

This is actually what becomes the light and day for a person now, instead of the light and day he felt previously in his own success. To the extent that he can annul and restrict himself forcefully, he encounters great resistance on the part of his body, and the more he sees the importance of the other and of the Creator, the more he advances. Eventually, he fills the measure of his exertion and receives enough Light that Reforms so that the Masach (screen) can be born in him. Then a resisting force toward the desire to receive begins to operate in him, and, thanks to the equivalence of form with the Light that he has attained, he is rewarded with the first revelation.

Our work is to find the right criteria for checking: Where is day and where is night, where is darkness and where is the Light? According to these values, I have to judge: Is it for my own benefit or for the Creator? If I begin to understand that it’s totally opposite from my previous criteria, it’s a sign that I am already on the right track. If I begin to have an inner struggle with which principle to assess the state, it’s a sign that I am already advancing.

If I pray that my scale of values, the measuring system of the light and darkness, day and night, be changed so that I will be able to see them spiritually, then it’s an even more advanced state. When I adhere to bestowal with all my might and try to see every state from this perspective, then I am ready to detach myself from the desire to receive. If I constantly ask for this to happen, and if I constantly feel that the Creator is sending me interruptions in order to strengthen my request, then I am already close to it, in order to actually work in Lishma (for its sake).

So what was previously darkness turns to light and what was light for myself turns to darkness, and I actually run from it. Everything turns to the opposite state: day and night. What had been the darkness of the night before turns into the bright light of the day.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/13, Shamati #16

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One Comment

  1. The strong were once weak,
    rich were once poor,
    wise once quite foolish,
    and the knowledgeable empty.
    An hungry one filled returns yet again to emptiness and back again.
    Adults were once children
    Elder was once young

    The strong shall yet become weak
    The rich shall become poor once more
    The elder among youth will join the ancients
    and what was old will slow to join the immeasurably young once again.
    For day and night are actually of the same realm.
    A fool is somewhere a sage.
    A mouse among giants strides divine to dust.

    So let us be beyond black and white,
    dark and light, might and weakness,
    For none of these are real beyond the two of us.
    There is a place where we are all together.
    More than just me and you, a place called all.
    And there, no one is short or tall.
    All the labels fall away, and the one glows clear.

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