The Light Of A New Candle

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator sends troubles and problems to the one whom He wishes to advance, that is, He puts him in the “dark cellar.”And the more a person develops, the more distressed he feels because he does not understand why he is given such a bitter life in comparison to others. What does he get and how does he advance by working in the dark?

Even if he does not compare himself to others, he still cannot understand why the Creator, the father, treats him in such a way. How can it be that the Good Who does Good gave him such a hard and bitter life, for such a long time?

He does not understand this until he finishes his work. After all, a person grows even in the cellar. He learns more about his state and begins to understand that the cause of his feeling of being in the dark cellar is his own attitude towards his father.

He tries, despite the feeling of darkness, to perceive this as a special treatment. He must connect these conflicting feelings and adhere to the Creator above them, to justify Him until he grows up because of this. Then, he will start treating the darkness of the cellar as the Light. He begins to connect with his father’s helpers, with all these forces and conditions that bring a new light, the light of a “candle,” in the dungeon, and not that light which is available outside to all the inhabitants of this world.

And then the light of a candle is lit for him in the dungeon, but not because somebody brought him from above the same light that everybody else has. But they bring him another light and help the king. Then, namely in this dark state, a person begins to see that this is not darkness but a big Light, only different, new! This is a new level, new world.

He grew up because for all these 20 years he worked in the cellar rather than simply waiting for his release. Every moment, he had to make an effort, and that is why this moment went by and passed into the next one. Thus, he connected all the moments.

He turned darkness into light by finishing all these steps. And all the troubles and sufferings that he had experienced became fulfillment suitable for the Creator who gives them to a person who now understands and feels Him and can enjoy all His treasures and fulfillment like the Creator, and not like other people.

That is, a person has to grow due to darkness and his own efforts to the point where he understands what the Creator enjoys and what kind of pleasure He wants to give to man. Thus, a person comes out of the cellar.

However, he enters another world, his world, his level, worthy of a king’s son. He is not like all the people around him, whom he once envied. All that bitterness and suffering which he had experienced in relation to this world helped him break away from it, learn his attitude towards the Creator, and turn this relationship from bad into good by faith above reason.

Now, he realizes that it is exactly what the king’s wealth is, and not those petty pleasures with which the inhabitants of that city, this world, fill themselves. The real pleasure is in bestowal, and not in reception of some crumbs that comfort all the others, hanging around the city streets.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/2011, Baal HaSulam’s letter

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  1. Good day Rav. Laitman Sir,

    Thank you for your Blog messages. I am just discovering Kabbalah for the past month. I’ve been seeking meaning to my struggles for as long as I can remember. More importantly I’ve been seeking to fill a void in me since a young child. Unfortunately I’ve tried filling it through drugs and alcohol since my teenage years. I’m 44 years old now and no longer interested in such things.

    My parents past away at a young at 61 yrs and 65 yrs old from diabetes and cirrhosis. My parents drank alcohol throughout their lives and my father was a needle drug user until the last two years of his life. Strangely enough the experience seems to have given me an advantage as young man. I saw myself as different from everyone else both because of my enviroment and the cultural differences at my school. Bottomline, I have very few negative experiences as a young child.

    Teenage years is when the challenges started. Father was arrested numerous times for possession and selling of drugs. I was aware of the drugs and I was aware of the legal issues concerning them. I grew up with drugs and alcohol, saw no morally wrong issues with it.

    Started working with my father at the age of 12 yrs at a factory, I’ve been working ever since. At 20 yrs old, started my 20 yr career and worked myself up to a Service Manager position successfully in the technology industry for big corporate companies. My parents never came close to this achievement, but I had this void in my life, an emptiness that I tried filling with woman, alcohol, drugs, and religion.

    Now I find myself unemployed, without a real home, without money, and without true desires for woman or drugs/alcohol. Curiously, I feel more complete and more content then I have felt since a child. My future is uncertain, yet I’m grateful for all I’ve experienced including the suffering death of my parents and grandparents, my two wonderful boys, my health, my limited knowledge of this world, and the abilities given to me by the creator.

    I understand that I must go through my trials in order to serve a greater purpose. Kabbalah seems to provide a real road map to my wonderful future in helping and guiding others in need. Helping and giving is in my nature, I feel a greater sense of fulfillment this way.

    Procastination, fear, and complacency I allow to cripple me still. The series of tragedies that have pleagued me for the past 5 yrs dragged me into a state of depression and I’m barely pulling myself out of this state. I believe in a creator and I believe that he has a greater purpose for me. Religion is not an answer, yet I know the creator wants me to seek him out.

    Appreciate your thoughts Sir.

    Richard Perez

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