A Thread Towards The Kabbalists Of The Past

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We read primary Kabbalistic sources that contain the Light. Is there any other way to attract it?

Answer: You have to learn to keep connection with the system in which people are in bestowal. You have to keep connection with Kabbalists, with the primary sources, since the Light fills them.

We all are in the single system of Malchut of the world of Infinity. Everything that happens further is merely garments, concealment, and curtains behind which our state becomes darker. However, this all is the same Malchut.

Therefore, wishing to awaken the next states, you establish contact with people, souls, and desires, which are already corrected—with the Kabbalists. You read what they have written for you to keep connection with them, to be as close as possible to their place in the general system.

How else can you attract the Light that Reforms? You need at least a thread to the same idea, to the Kabbalist’s message. Even if you read the text in translation, even if its presentation is difficult for you and you prefer an easy, adapted version, but the idea itself is essential for you. At least in something, you should be connected with the desire of Baal HaSulam, Abraham, Rabbi Akiva, Ramchal, the Ari, Moshe, and so on. You need a thread that leads to the corrected part of the system.

How could it be otherwise? Would you talk about mutual guarantee on the streets? What do the egoists who chant similar slogans think about? Like soccer fans, they are ready to beat the tar out of anybody because love between them is always directed against something else. This is what egoism is, and it does not understand anything else.

The word “fascism” also means connection, unity, but only in opposition to someone. This is what may happen if we do not give people the Light that will neutralize this attitude and spread mutual guarantee worldwide, rejecting the possibility to love some and hate others.

Otherwise, without this message, Nazi regimes will be installed. People will unite to combat the crisis and then will turn against each other.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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  1. Then is this as the matter of Kamza and Bar (the Son of) Kamza — one can love the general source, yet hate of its radiating specifics? Above there is unifying love while below their is hatred of the supposed “other.”

    And at a higher level of spirituality, where one level of interconnection is realized, but a higher yet isn’t — is this the source of the stronger egoism as we arise. That is, the below our ego is the hatred of others, but above does it become the group-self hatred of others — i.e., that fascism in this world gives us some taste of the higher ego that we will need to overcome at higher spiritual levels?

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