A Decisive Moment In History

Dr. Michael LaitmanTimes are changing ever faster and with each day it’s aimed more and more at the goal. The world is starting to realize the situation at hand, which we are considering to be a transition from one level to another, from one step of the ladder to the other one in our development.

Baal HaSulam writes in his article “The Peace” that each time with the ascent onto the next level, humanity needs to discover the vanity and harmfulness of the current state, the inability to either move further or to remain in place. When the whole world, just like man, group, or country, suffers in the current circumstances, it gets the fuel, the motivation, for the transfer onto the next level. People are ready to part with the current state, which earlier seemed good to them, but now they see evil in it. While the next level, which had previously seemed to be unreal and bad, they are ready to accept as the good one.

This is how development carried on. Man changes, his desires change, and then, exposing the past, present, and the future for re-evaluation, he passes onto the next stage. Forcing his own development, evaluating his states more and more correctly, man saves time, and also internally identifies himself with the tendency, thanks to which the process moves over him more easily, softly, and positively. This is because he understands the reasons for what is happening and acts consciously, looking forward in advance.

This is how man helps the forces of nature that are influencing him. They are summoned by the negativity to push him along the path, but he’s trying to pass onto the next level by himself, using the attraction from the front, and not the push from behind.

Today, we have entered the last stage of the current period of development. Kabbalists begin its countdown from the 15th century, from the times of the Ari. We understand that the process flows slowly, stage by stage, passing the five levels of HaVaYaH, from the root stage to the fourth stage. Baal HaSulam, the last great Kabbalist, has prepared the methodology of correction for us. He also wanted to expedite time and has relatively succeeded. Who knows how we would have been moving forward without his revelations.

Regarding the current situation, it’s special in the way that the world itself, even without the various explanations, begins to realize that it is now at an important transitional stage. Of course, not everyone understands it. There are always people who don’t catch the main point, or turn a deaf ear to the call of the time.

There are reasons for it since those who essentially have summoned the current financial-economic crisis are still hiding the true situation, preferring to live in euphoria, in their fantasies. However, with each day, they understand more and more clearly that the situation is critical and there’s nothing that can be done. Regardless of the giant sums of dollars and euros thrown into the economy, there is no money to pay the accounts and there’s no means that would allow paying off the debt somehow.

Today, returning to the cash register, they realize that it’s not simply empty, but has gone into a hopeless minus. That’s why everything that’s being done today is not intended to correct the situation but to delay the inevitable end by a few more months. Finally, it becomes clear that a huge “tsunami” is waiting for us, a blow that the world will not be able to bear. Society is not yet aware of what’s going on, but it’s simply a matter of time.

As a consequence, the elite are planning various steps and are devising scenarios for the development of events from global to local. What options do they have? Of course, it would be best for them to cross everything out and begin the game anew. But how can we do it? Since then the standard of living of people will decrease by 50% and even more. The previous social and economic mechanisms will stop working. Those who used to sit up high will fall down. There will be nothing left of the banks which used to stand behind this game. In the end, a grave uncertainty lies ahead of us.

As a rule in such situations, under the pressure of the circumstances, not seeing another way out, humanity starts wars and rebellions. So possibly, hard times are waiting for us.

This is especially true for the Jewish people since, as Baal HaSulam writes at the end of the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” and in other places, that the whole of correction is placed upon Israel. The events which are happening in the European banks and in other financial-economic organizations are surely directed by the Creator, who by these means is leading us towards the realization of evil in the egoistic world and is harshly obliging us to get rid of the current approach that is aimed only at material benefit. He is leading us towards the realization that it’s necessary to change values. From now on, the spiritual must become the goal for us, and the material must become the means.

It’s impossible to imagine what suffering is needed in order to change the values of each one separately and of humanity as a whole. This is because man isn’t ready, doesn’t understand, and doesn’t feel what is required of him. How much must the pressure rise? What terrifying feeling of helplessness and confusion has to make him go mad? What problems and suffering must he experience and still be left alive? And in all of this madness, how can one realize that only one thing is required, to support that little bit that is necessary for the body and give the rest to the soul?

What is being talked about here is the change of large egoistic values in the whole of humanity in order to raise it from the current state to where it will desire only one thing, to live in bestowal. However not by force, man will desire it on his own, realizing, understanding, and feeling that here it is, the great goal, desired by all, towering above life and death, above all.

So how can man come to bestowal and unity? How can one get out of egoism, from one’s own body and to connect to others? How can one join others completely, to feel the whole world as your own and to desire to care for everyone, to feel all of this instead of the current relationships and values? We are talking about a radical transformation from one end of the scale to the other. We don’t understand how such a thing can happen. Humanity would rather end its life in suicide.

This is exactly where the upper force is revealed, the Reforming Light that implements its action in a good way or bad. However, great suffering is necessary for this when people actually, and not just say it, but feel that death is better than such a life. Only when man rises above the edge of life and death, the upper force is revealed and controls the action. A short shock will not be enough here, these states must be felt through in depth to the death, which is not life itself, but its current base, the egoistic desire.

Critical stages are now in front of us that will develop exactly in this way if we don’t sweeten them with the methodology of correction, the science of Kabbalah. It’s today, the first time in history, that it’s revealing itself in front of everyone in various forms in order to show humanity and firstly to the whole nation of Israel the possibility of passing from the path of suffering to the path of the Torah.

In order for this to happen, we are explaining to people about the evolution moved by the development of egoism, the transfer between the levels, freedom of will which is already accessible to us and helping us to measure the character of the transformation from one state into another. A decisive moment in history is arriving. Egoism has been developing us for hundreds of years, but today we arrive at the state of common evil and we must now realize the common good. This is already a new stage of humanity, life in bestowal instead of receiving.

If we don’t sweeten the transition states through the science of Kabbalah with the explanations that will help understanding, realizing the development, and cooperating with it, if we don’t attract the Reforming Light and pass it to humanity, having become the “Light for the nations,” then the transition into the next state will be very difficult.

We already see the economic downturn and the threat of a war. Many more things are yet to be revealed to us in the future. And all of this will not happen sometime in the future, it is not somewhere beyond the horizon but here and now, and further on in the schedule. Of course, problems will only keep growing and the whole world will yield to strife and war. Although bringing the world to economic failure is done by the will of the Creator, the organizations simply do not see another way out. It’s impossible to settle the current debts. That’s why all of the known means, such as war, protectionism, and fascism are immediately becoming armed and seem to be the solution to the problems.

In these circumstances, a powerful dissemination campaign is required of us, not a short term burst, but an unending wave, moving like a wall and collapsing unto the whole world. This is our exact task: to organize pressure by way of explanation and even by the means of propaganda about that which the methodology of correction offers.

The time has come to start. We need to prepare ourselves as soon as possible to create various types of wide coverage, sharpened, decisive, and not concealing anything, and to activate them, firstly in Israel, in the most important place in the world, from which the news will flow to the whole of humanity through all channels. Besides this, we need to disseminate it through our groups around the whole world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/11/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Nation”

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  1. Thank you so much for what you teach and share with the world. It is a great blessing. Only as we grow and see more clearly together (with more than 1 pair of eyes) can the world become a better place and a suitable dwelling for our Beloved Creator. How sad that there are those who choose not to change and see what is already here to observe……change is a must now and no longer a nice to do……

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