Parasites Or The Victims Of Society?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DailyLife): “If you’ve been paying attention to Australia’s tycoons, rent seekers and bubble class executives lately you may be starting to feel a rising sense of panic.

“Australia’s workplaces are being flooded with a new generation of unproductive workers. …

“’Generation Y workers have tickets on themselves, according to 300 Australian finance bosses surveyed by recruiter Robert Half. They say staff under 30 have an inflated and often delusionary perception of the value they add to an organisation.’ …

“Gen Y are a nightmare in the workplace – they never seem to do what you want, always have one foot out the door, are scheming and ambitious rather than the white collar company stalwarts that make Western economies – and more frequently now – Eastern economies, tick.”

My Comment: This is a consequence of the crisis of egoism that in the past wished success but today is “tired.” And it is felt in every age group. There is no motivation; people need new motivation for life. It can be learned from nature: It is sensed only in correctly connected relationships.

Competition, fear, pressure, etc. can no longer invigorate a person. Only the positive emotions of connection, bestowal, and love can give energy. For the time being, it is not visible, but soon it will be discovered as the only source of life.

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