Two Methods Of Dissemination

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have two methods of dissemination: physical dissemination through the usual system of connection and simultaneously an inner dissemination in the spiritual network that is discovered to the degree that we apply the integral method between us. Our success depends on the degree to which we aspire to this, that our efforts will somehow be able to enter the system of creation, and then gradually will enter it.

Therefore, inner work in the system of creation in the connection between us and between all of humanity needs to be primary and the external work needs to be secondary. Then after that, paradoxically, the secondary external system will begin to act since they will require our method. If we work among us in groups in the right form, our actions and efforts will extend into the inner system. Then the people around us will suddenly begin to feel how relationships in couples, in the workplace, internationally, among peoples, and so on, should be organized. This will attract them, they will come to us and will aspire to this.

Do you see how each of us suddenly feels and understands where the origin of this higher knowledge is to be found? I personally searched for truth everywhere until I found it “coincidentally,” as it seemed to me. But the truth is that nothing is coincidental in this world since from our side there is some kind of distinct desire to bring ourselves out of depression from a blind alley; it seems there is everything, but there is nothing, on one hand.

On the other hand, my teachers Baal HaSulam and Rabash tried to disseminate. So it happened that I was influenced by this inner force that they tried to insert into the system of creation. Therefore, I advanced towards them like a charge in an electromagnetic field advances toward its origin. So it is for each of us.

We must understand that the main thing is unity between us. We dedicate much time and effort to dissemination, but the main thing is dissemination between us. The groups are now essentially involved with external dissemination.

But unless we are ready for internal dissemination, we will not get anywhere. In the spiritual world, everything is interconnected: In the beginning of the action is its end, and in the end, the beginning. The opportunity was given to us to reach the method of correction, the ascent, because the rest of humanity requires this. In an integral system you require others—each requires all and all require each—you see this is an analog system mutually connected, so we have no other choice. It is even forbidden for us to think in an individual form.

If we are detached from spiritual thoughts, immediately we must think about closeness between us, meaning the basis, the bedrock, upon which our dream can be realized, a higher state. We have to think of the matter: where it will manifest itself, in what medium. The carrier is our common connection between us. So it will be with the entire world.
From the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13, Lesson 2

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  1. Regarding internal and external dissemination, It seems that the circles of ten are the perfect place to discover the qualities of the concepts of kabbalah that Rav asks us to connect around in workshop style, as we have been doing. After we come to some sort of balance around these ideas, could we “translate” these nuggets of wisdom into very concise and engaging “bites” that could be shared with a wide audience of the 99% very swiftly via the Internet’s social networks. For example, all BB friends could connect via Facebook according to common languages spoken. Each circle of ten could select or create FB posts that express the substance of the “bite” being communicated. All the “bites”/posts of all the circles could be thrown into a sea of ideas, and each circle of 10 could select ten posts to share with all their non-BB friends. It seems like we could swiftly flood human consciousness with the IE message. Some of those among the 99% would also share and pass on the IE message to Facebook friends of theirs, and so it goes. Very large numbers of people all across the globe could be “infected” with the IE message at it’s core. Different flavors of IE training (e.g. relationship issues, child education, work related, etc. topics) could be marketed and organized online. The thought is around the possibility of linking internal and external dissemination in the center of the circles of ten using the workshop style method of connecting. The circles of ten could then function to be an army of Internet disseminators of the IE message via sharing as widely as possible with non-BB friends. We would be tangibly connected to the Rav, the BB friends, and the 99%. It would be a very useful work that we could engage in as circles of ten. Only together <3

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