Two States

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is very important for us to transform the inner states rapidly. State number one is: “There is none else besides Him.” And what is the second state? There must be at least two if there is a change of states.

Answer: In contrast to the state of “There is none else besides Him,” its opposite is found, my ego. What else can there be?

You are like Moses found between the Creator and Pharaoh and both are plagued by it. The Creator says to him, “Go to Pharaoh.” And he, the poor man, stands unable to decide, “Where am I going? Where are you taking me to this gigantic snake?” The Creator intentionally pushes Moshe towards the ego because it is only when you face it that you need the Creator. This means that the Creator pushes us into an abyss so that we will be caught there. This is all the work in exile from spirituality since we are detached from the oneness of the Creator.

The state of “There is none else besides Him” is not happiness but immense tension, so as not to fall and open this state further, for the moment that you leave Him, that’s it! He disappears.

Therefore, I wish you to be only in a single state like this all the time. There is no need for a second state because you see it is contrary to the first, everything is disconnected within it, you don’t see anyone or anything managing our world, so you begin to invent something by yourself.

In order to discover “There is none else besides Him” it is necessary to use the principle, “If I am not for myself who will be for me”.

Question: Actually we pass through a multitude of different states….

Answer: There is no multitude of states. There is either the Creator or myself. There are no other states! Who establishes the state? Either I understand, see clearly, and feel clearly in every one of my cells that everything around me is the Creator or I think that everything depends on me and a few other sources. One of the two! There cannot be three. It is either the ego or the Creator.

Question: Which is to say if I hold onto the Creator like a leech, then nothing else concerns me and I don’t replace this state with anything?

Answer: It is not that nothing concerns me. There is a constant tension that doesn’t allow you to let go, don’t miss, don’t miss, and don’t miss. But if the group helps you this becomes a pleasant journey because together with the others when everyone helps, everyone acts, everyone awakens, then you are freed from tension.

Anyway, you cannot hold onto a position in this state by yourself. But when the group encompasses you, then your shared work begins. And the Creator, instead of personally illuminating you with some very small ray of Light, begins to be revealed between you as a whole range of feelings like a sea overflowing its banks.

And you begin to play with this level of power between you. But this is already an easy game. It is difficult only as long as you are individually held by the Creator. But when you feel Him among you, already you begin to play with this characteristic: how it can be increased, how its form can be changed; it’s in your hands.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 3 

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