The “Good Signs” On The Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person cannot trust and rely on himself before the final correction. He must constantly be under the influence of higher vessels, desires, and simply explore them degree by degree, cleaving to them without counting on his own “reserve.”

We advance only by faith above reason, that is, only at the level of adhesion to a higher degree. Only from there can you draw and bring correct answers and correct signs to the current state. The principle of “be guided only by what you see” refers to corrupt desires, but to stay on the course, I have to “cling” to a higher degree by faith above reason.

Everyone can find “signs” proving he is right. But this is prohibited. The mind does not work here and I will not involve it. Even Kabbalists’ explanations are intended only to bring us closer together with spiritual concepts, to add knowledge, genuine support, this confirmation can only be found in the Upper One when I cancel my understanding and equip myself with His mind.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/13, The Zohar

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