The Entire World Is A Shattered Vessel

laitman_2009-05-27_8144_wA question I received: What can an average person do in order to speed up society’s advancement toward correction?

My Answer: Today it is becoming obvious that the entire world is a single, shattered vessel. Any person in this world, after hearing the right explanation, will agree with the fact that the world must be connected in a positive manner. Every person will know that this is the only way for him to have a good life.

In other words, it is imperative that we connect at the level of the soul in order to reach correction. The body is just an external shell. This is why today, no one can avoid or wouldn’t want to be included in this process. In every corner of the world, people have heard of the crisis and feel it one way or another.

There are people who feel the general crisis internally as well as externally: they feel that the connection between souls is devoid of internal (non-material) bestowal above the egoistic nature of man. But humanity is still not giving this any thought although they are closer to understanding that they must correct egoism and increasingly utilize each person’s positive forces.

No huge changes have taken place in the world. But now, there is a general understanding that before the crisis, humanity was advancing in complete opposition to spiritual development. The world was striving toward maximum realization of egoism while a few individuals with a point in the heart (Kabbalists) rose above egoism and utilized it for the sake of bestowal. Today, both processes are advancing in the same direction because the whole world is now starting to accept that egoism is evil and must be corrected.

Of course they are thinking of correction on their level. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the direction is now the same. Before, there were some who were for egoism, others who were against; now, everyone is against. It is said that if we don’t control it, if we don’t find some sort of regulator, we will feel bad. Everyone is talking of a regulator. Some speak of a regulator at the material level and others of another, a higher kind of regulator.

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