A World Suffused With Love

lightThere are moments in life when a person is suddenly overtaken by an unusual inspiration. He feels that the world around him is being permeated by some special force, that the air “thickens” around him and is filled with a new essence. He is surrounded by thoughts and intentions that are directed towards him and he feels they govern him. It seems that everything all around is suffused with love.

This happens very rarely, when a person has attracted the Light and it has lifted him onto the hands of the Upper One. From there he sees the same thing as the Upper One. However, he sees it with his own eyes, which have opened up just slightly.

When this happens, the most important thing is to come away from it with a clear impression that “This was the spiritual world to the extent of my limited perception.” In reality, however, it is eternal and its power is a billion times greater for those who ascend to the first, smallest spiritual degree.

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How To Pass Through The Eye Of A Needle (Advanced)

crisisWe need to search for similarity to the Creator, to imagine this quality, called “the Creator.” I want to come and see Him. After all, in Hebrew the word “Creator” (Bore) breaks down into two words: “come and see” (Bo-Re).

In essence, we are talking about the Sefirot, which are between Keter and Malchut. Keter, the highest Sefira, is only attained in the end, while Malchut, the lowest Sefira, remains an unformed desire, until we attain the eight Sefirot between them.

We always need to look for equivalence of form with the bestowal of Keter, which we try to imagine. In virtue of this, we pass through the equivalence of form and reveal the knowledge, power, and understanding of what we need to do.

In order to not get confused and to stay in the middle line, we strive for bestowal, which the Creator shows in His regard for us.

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Mankind’s Material Development Is Like Slave Labor With Clay And Bricks

dont-fighy-egoism-aloneWhat is the result of all our material development, which people value so highly? What have we achieved with all of our hard work, our “Egyptian labor with clay and bricks,” as one Kabbalistic text says about the Egyptian slavery, the exile from spirituality? The result is that we are now nearing the revelation of the spiritual world and are opening our eyes to the fact that people have been doing absolutely nothing of value in this world! People are doing things that are absolutely unnecessary to anyone! Yes, they invent all sorts of crafty gadgets, but could we really not live without all these things?

The more people develop, the more time they spend on useless activities, and the more they go beyond the bare minimum necessary for life. Today, if we reverted to spending time only on the things that are vitally necessary, most of us would be left with nothing to do. Only five percent of the population would have to work in order to provide all of humanity with the necessities. Alternatively, each one of us could allocate five percent of his time to provide for his livelihood.

All the leftover time would be dedicated to our spiritual development. And why not? You don’t get any benefit from spending all your time on material things. In fact, all you are doing by this is damaging the environment.

There is nothing more for a person to do in this world other than to work on his spiritual correction. Otherwise we would have the problem of what to do with the elderly who need to be provided for.  What would be the point of taking care of them if we believe that only the actively working people are of any benefit?

Indeed, our lives must follow the opposite principle. All we need is to give every person the method for his internal correction, and then there will be a place for everyone. Every person will carry out work for the sake of infinity, because the soul has no age. And it is precisely the elderly who will make some of the biggest corrections.

The more time we spend on “clay and bricks,” the more we advance toward reaching the realization that we are in slavery. And the weight of this realization will make people cry out to the Creator and thus rise to the “human” level. And that is the only benefit that we will get out of all our material development.

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American Healthcare Reform: To Be Or Not To Be?

reformSymptoms: America is in agony. All people can think about is healthcare reform.

Medical history: Everything began with the money factor being introduced into the doctor-patient relationship, which threw greed into full gear. Now every player in the health care system is looking to save money. This is how the law of mandatory insurance came about.

The system is tried and tested: the first several thousand dollars must be paid out of one’s own pocket, and then an additional $20-30 for each visit (besides the insurance). Drugs are ridiculously expensive, and doctors are prescribing them by the dozen.

Doctors pay one third of their salary for insurance, in case their patients decide to sue them. And why shouldn’t the patients sue when there’s good money to be had? You don’t even need start up capital to sue a doctor. All you need is a lawyer who will sue and retain 30-50% from the award as his fee. And so the wheels keep turning on this well-oiled machine known as “The Healthcare System.”

Prescription: We must change our relationships with one another. If the pharmaceutical companies were to think about curing people, rather than maximizing profits by pushing drugs, if the insurance companies were to concern themselves with maintaining the public’s health, rather than expanding the business of being sick, if the doctors were to stop being afraid of insurance companies and of their patients, and start treating them according to the accumulated knowledge and experience of their profession, and if the patients were to regain faith in their doctors… well, there simply wouldn’t be any need for reforms!

But in order for that to happen we must recognize the evil and greed of our highly developed egoism. 51 million dollars have already been spent just on advertising for this reform. The greed clouds our vision and prevents us from thinking of our neighbors. But gradually, we will begin to understand that unless we change our attitude to others, we are bringing ourselves closer and closer to our collective demise.

(Sent to me by Dr. A. Angelov, from the Bnei Baruch group in Boston, Massachusetts)

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