A World Suffused With Love

lightThere are moments in life when a person is suddenly overtaken by an unusual inspiration. He feels that the world around him is being permeated by some special force, that the air “thickens” around him and is filled with a new essence. He is surrounded by thoughts and intentions that are directed towards him and he feels they govern him. It seems that everything all around is suffused with love.

This happens very rarely, when a person has attracted the Light and it has lifted him onto the hands of the Upper One. From there he sees the same thing as the Upper One. However, he sees it with his own eyes, which have opened up just slightly.

When this happens, the most important thing is to come away from it with a clear impression that “This was the spiritual world to the extent of my limited perception.” In reality, however, it is eternal and its power is a billion times greater for those who ascend to the first, smallest spiritual degree.

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  1. What a beautiful post Rav. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do guiding us all through this process. Please know that we are all with you on your birthday and in your travels. jesse from texas

  2. I feel I can understand what you say about it. I believe I was overtaken by this kind of unusual inspiration in 2005. Let me summarize the story. In 2000, I was a reporter from a newspaper when a sort of “coincidences” begun. With two great friends, I started a coven to study and observe the laws of Nature. In 2005, I was leaving the job, sick with all these manipulation and conflicts of interests of editors and owners. I was very upset, I was doing my job, that was to find great news. But the mass media was seemed to be not really interested in journalism and it was not fulfilling me anymore.

    So, one day I was walking around my neighborhood and saw a big blue bird, a macaw, uncommon for my region, on a branch of a tree in the street. It was clear for me that the bird traveled many hundreds of miles and there was he, lodged over the branch of the tree. I remember that in my mind something become accelerated, I couldn’t control my thoughts. I went home and decided to write a book for children, an epic book about honor, courage, unity and love, and share it with everyone.

    I invited a friend of my coven to collaborate me and we wrote the first volume of the story in almost 60 days. I couldn’t think. I just sat in front of the computer and writing. In meantime, I felt that I had to create a soundtrack, because this story is about a boy and a magical harp, and his mission to find seven special notes of the song of Nature, to save humanity from a monster made of egoism. So, we could offer it with the book. With minimal knowledge about musical softwares or musical notation, again I just sat and keep composing. An entire symphony! All notes came alone, practically without interference of the left side of the brain.

    When I started to study Kabbalah, at the beginning of this year, I was stunned. Many of the lessons that the hero of our story learned in his mission was there, in Baal HaSulam texts…And we never had read it before.

    I spend the last three years dedicating my effort to this project. And for many months I just didn’t know what to do with it. The word “give” remained in my mind all the time! And now that I am starting to release this work, freely to all people, I’m feeling, at the same time, empty and willing to start to write the second volume of the epic. Is it normal, I mean, this ambivalence of emotions? What happens if our desire of conclude the project diminish? Could I consider this experience as “overtaken by an unusual inspiration” as you mean? I believe so, because I could feel the Nature’s hands influencing us in all the lines of the book and in the notes of the music. If it was this kind of experience, how do I keep the Light surrounding me?

    United in movement,


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