Decision To Shut Johnnie Walker Bottling Plant Causes Huge Protest

all-the-worlds-wise-people-are-in-a-crisisIn the News (from The Telegraph): “More than 20,000 take to streets to protest Johnnie Walker plant closure” Thousands of people took to the streets yesterday to protest a decision by Diageo, the drinks giant, to shut its Johnnie Walker bottling plant. The firm has announced that it will close the plant in the [Scottish] town, which has been linked with Johnnie Walker since 1820, with the loss of 700 jobs.

My Comment: The number of people wishing to drink whiskey hasn’t decreased, but people’s money has! Now the plant workers will have less money too. Thus, the crisis goes on…

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The Eurasian Congress – “Together Towards A Unified World”

I have accepted the invitation to take part in the 2009 Eurasian Congress, taking place in Turkey from October 22nd – 25th.


This Congress, the first ever in Eurasia, is called “Together Towards A Unified World,” and will be held at the five star Kremlin Palace hotel – a popular vacation spot on the Mediterranean Sea shore, located about twenty kilometers from Antalya International Airport.

Many people from dozens countries have registered and a very interesting program is in the works. As part of the program, I plan on giving several lectures about Eurasia’s current situation and outlook for the future according to Kabbalah.

Information and registration