A Life Of Comfort Will Not Make People Happy

comfortIn the News (from The Economist): The Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Peter C. Agre writes, “Rather than arguing that science will save us simply through new inventions, let me suggest that it is wisdom from our history that may save us. … Given proper investment, scientific development of renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy is likely. Design of modern, livable cities with expedient forms of public transportation is feasible.”

My Comment: But will this make people happy and fulfill all their needs?

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Making Money For The Sake Of Money

A question I received: What does it mean to make money for the sake of money?

My Answer: It means that people live for money, and they don’t need anything else.

Suppose I want to buy a yacht so I can enjoy it. I want to sail out into the ocean and swim far out into the open waters. It is for this sake that I am working hard now. I’m not doing it for the money, but for the yacht. Actually, I’m not even doing it for the yacht itself, but for the pleasure I’ll receive through it. I imagine how I’ll dive off the yacht into the sea and there will be dolphins skipping along in the water next to me. And I have this picture in my mind all the time.

On the other hand, there are other people who work for the sake of the money itself, just in order to add zeros to their bank accounts. I want to see the balance grow on my statement every day. This is what gives me pleasure. I look at the numbers and this activity fulfills me. I don’t need anything else. I don’t imagine anything else standing behind these numbers. I don’t see a yacht, restaurants or vacations, but only the numbers in my bank account. They give me pleasure. This is the meaning of “money for the sake of money.”

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I Don’t Want To Persuade Anyone About Kabbalah

laitman_2009-05-27_8216_wA question I received: You talk a lot about upbringing and education. However, nothing was ever accomplished through persuasion.

My Answer: My organization and I do not want to persuade anyone who does not wish to listen to us. Actually, we don’t want to persuade anyone about anything. We are only addressing those who want to learn about the method of Kabbalah. We address those who feel a need to find a new way of life.

In fact, persuasion is contrary to the laws of nature. This is because a person’s only freedom of will is to change himself, and it is forbidden to deprive him of this opportunity!

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It Doesn’t Make Sense To Blame The United States For The Financial Crisis

You Can't Teach Anyone Through ForceA question I received: Are you critical of the United States, like most people? Do you think the United States is responsible for the financial crisis? And do you think that only the United States can find the solution?

My Answer: The whole world blames the United States. But if any other country would have had an opportunity to do the same thing, would it not have? Americans built a system that enabled them to “use” the whole world. But who wouldn’t want to do the same thing? The United States was successful, and everyone else is offended that it was able to profit using everyone, and not them. So blame yourselves for your failure, rather than them for their success!

The capitalistic principle, “mine is mine and yours is yours,” worked well for some time, and at one point people were proud of it. But now it is beginning to feel completely unfair. This is because the world is revealing a spiritual layer, and it is becoming clear to everyone that people are inherently unequal.

For this reason, not all people can be given the same opportunities: this destroys society rather than building it. Opportunities should not be simply equal; they should be equal with regard to one’s personal capabilities, education, and abilities.

The less a person is able to do, the more society should help make up for his deficiencies. If you are stronger than me, you should receive less help. This will be fair. After all, we receive our capabilities from Nature (or the Creator), and the compensation for them should come from society.

So are equal opportunities good? No, they are destructive. We have to know how much each person received from birth and what kind of upbringing this person was given, and then we should supplement him so he will live at the same level as others. That is justice, and it will lead to peace. Then, no one will have a reason to complain of being deprived of something or of being treated unequally. And as long as that’s not happening, there will be no peace in the world.

Yet, is it possible to implement this? Yes, but to do it, we would have to know the inner data of every person, and this is only possible by revealing people’s souls, the inner forces and traits of each person. This revelation occurs when we all strive for unity.

In Kabbalistic terms, I, for example, will add you as an AHP to my Galgalta Eynaim, and this will result in a full Kli made of ten Sefirot, which I will fulfill. This is how each person fufills the desires of everyone. And this is the only way to reach equality and perfection.

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