Why The Stages Of Spiritual Development May Feel Like a Roller Coaster Ride

stagesA question I received: I have been a student for about seven months, and it has been an emotional roller coaster. I feel good and then I feel bad. I am immersing myself more into study and dissemination and I feel like I am becoming a different person, but it seems that it is affecting me more and more in a negative way. For example, I am constantly evaluating myself and seeing how my ego seems to be growing. I am also becoming judgmental of other people. I am beginning to see how their ego is ruling their actions. I am becoming angry at my ego and I am angry at other people for their ego, even though I know I have no right to judge others and should only work on myself.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel angry, emotionally exhausted, and unhappy, which is the opposite of what I am supposed to be. I am supposed to feel bestowal from the Creator.

My Answer: You are going through a period of growth of your egoistic desire. Inside of this desire, you will then start perceiving new pictures of the world and different connections between things. Be strong, don’t break the routine studies and unity with the group. Then you will quickly go through this period of accumulating the egoistic desire. Every step forward always consists of two parts: the growth of the egoistic desire (what you are going through now), and then the revelation of a new attainment inside it.

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Families Asked To Stockpile Food In Anticipation Of A Serious Food Shortage Worldwide

bottomIn the News (from Eurasianet.org):Tajikistan: President Rahmon warns of food shortages” Tajik President Imomali Rahmon is calling on families to stockpile food, due to the Central Asian nation’s deepening economic woes. Food shortages are “becoming a serious problem” and stocks lasting two years should be built by those who can afford it, Rahmon said in an address carried by the Khovar state news agency. “As a result of the [global financial] crisis, and due to various natural disasters, drought, shortages and other factors, the provision of food in many countries around the world is becoming a serious problem, and according to expert analysis, this process will continue in the future,” he said.

My Comment: Overall, this would seem like a sensible decree. Even if the next few years won’t be very tough, people will have to tighten their belts in later years.

Kabbalah agrees that a person should not put the burden of his sustenance on society’s shoulders. However, the above-cited measures are unlikely to help. The reason Nature (or the Creator) is treating us this way is to force us to come to the realization that we must change our relationships with each other from hate to love.

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Is An Ego-Free Society Feasible?

egofreeA question I received: I am thinking about what you say about an ego-free society, and the picture I get is quite bleak. Let’s say this society gets created; then our lives will be devoid of everything that is ego-based. We won’t have sports, which are based on selfishness or the desire to win. We won’t have science, since scientists strive for world recognition and glory. All professional activity will cease for that matter, because people will not have the desire to succeed. There will be no such thing as family, because families form when a man wants a beautiful woman, and a woman wants a smart man. The connection between parents and kids will be severed if everyone is equally close. Transportation, manufacturing, and trade will stop as well, since they are fueled by self-interest.

Humanity will degrade to a primitive level of existence where everyone is equal, like a gray mass, with no education and no shelter. Without the ego, everything will stop! This will lead to extinction, since there will be no love for children and no need to reproduce. But at least we will all be in the Upper World…

Is my vision of your suggested system correct? Tell me if I am mistaken, and why.

My Answer: Egoism is our nature. By liquidating it, we would lose the foundation of life. However, by replacing egoism with bestowal, we will attain the ability to do the same things as usual while receiving boundless fulfillment.

The only thing that will change is people’s intention, while all their actions will remain the same. People will receive with the intention to bestow – for the sake of others, which will enable them to fully realize and fulfill themselves.

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