The Greatest Activity Takes Place Inside Our Desires (Advanced)

activity1A question I received: In our world, we are used to knowing that progress is always expressed through some kind of proactive actions. But the activity you speak of seems to be more like an inner reflection, similar to meditation, where all I have to do is perceive the world differently. In that case, how do I express any activity?

My Answer: Your activity is expressed in your desires. After all, there is nothing in existence aside from desires. Our body is nothing but an animal which grazes in a field in order to remain alive. The more actions you carry out above and beyond what is necessary for this animal to survive, the more you will impair your internal efforts to understand who you are, where you are, the reason for your existence, and what is happening around you in the world. This is what internal reflection really is.

If instead of going deep into yourself in this way, you will spend your time on various mechanical actions, then you will be stealing from your internal efforts and as a result, bringing harm to yourself. Moreover, you will be harming the whole world. The only thing a person has to do in this world is to make actions that are vitally necessary for his body, while devoting all the rest of his time to inner development. This is exactly how all of the harmony in Nature is achieved, and Nature will compel us to maintain the same harmony.

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Why Is Everyone Losing Their Sense Of Responsibility?

a-crisis-is-a-crisisThe only way to achieve anything is to unify. Still, countries continue to behave as if they don’t care what will happen to the rest, although it’s clear that the same trouble will befall them tomorrow. But who cares about tomorrow!

We are not talking about a single individual, helpless and vulnerable, but about whole countries, and even the entire humanity. It isn’t just individuals, but the entire collective that has suddenly lost the sense of responsibility and reality.

This is the Upper Force showing us our global egoism. The whole world agrees to live the moment, closing its eyes to the future consequences.

Kabbalah warns people that in view of the impending suffering, it’s a fatal mistake to think: “Let’s drink and rejoice, for we will die tomorrow!” The current circumstances are deliberately programmed by Nature in order to elevate us to a new dimension. For more on this, see Item 122 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot.”

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An Infinitely Expanding Infinity

The Soul Is the Property of Bestowal, and Until We Develop It, We Remain AnimalsA question I received: It is written that nature will continue to develop according to the Creator’s conditions until His plan is successfully carried out. So what are the conditions that the Creator gives us?

My Answer: Everything must reach adhesion with Him. The Creator created nothing aside from a single point of desire, in which we exist. This point exists in an ocean of Light within the Creator. All we have to do is to feel all this power, fulfillment and oneness with the Creator, which exists in this single created state. Everything that follows occurs in that same point which was created “out of nothing.”

All our experiences and sensations take place within that point. All the experiences we go through take place while we imagine the world as us and the surrounding nature and people. But in reality, all of this is contained in that one point, which undergoes all sorts of changes within in order to reveal its true state.

The Creator wishes for that point to go through this entire path consciously, with understanding, by means of our efforts. That is how we will come to attain what is the Light and the Creator, which created this point out of nothing. We must come to know what “out of nothing” means, what the “point” is and what the “Light” is, and why He created everything the way He did.

We don’t know what will happen to us after we reach this realization, but apparently some new, additional horizons will become revealed to us after we reach perfection.

But this doesn’t really matter. After all, we advance step by step, and each previous step is just a preparatory phase for the next. We cannot skip steps. But nevertheless, we must always aim for Infinity, because that is the place to which we raise our prayer (MAN) and from which we receive our answer (MAD). This is the only way we can attain the correct attitude, make the right actions, and merit a result. It’s because everything aspires toward Infinity and descends to us from there; and it doesn’t matter that there are many degrees separating us from that state. All these degrees are your future states which are hidden from you for the time being. The degree immediately ahead of you is what you deem to be Infinity.

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We Are At The Threshold Of The Human Degree

How Old Is the World?A question I received: Say I am carrying out an inner action, rather than an external, mechanical one. What is the inner driving force of this action? And what is its meaning?

My Answer: The whole meaning of our actions is to reveal reality by means of very hard efforts. This is what constitutes a person’s work in this world. A person comes into this world in order to reach the realization of his own evil, the evil of his existence. Granted, this realization comes gradually, whether to each person individually or to entire nations or even civilizations. It occurs in due time, according to the pyramid that constitutes the structure of humanity.

But eventually, every person needs to come to the realization of evil; that is, to understand that mankind’s material existence is good for nothing, and we are incapable of correcting it even if just to live like corrected animals that feel well.

And even if we could correct our corporeal existence and make our bodies feel well, we would be like cows standing before an endless green meadow. The cow has sunlight, water, and everything it could possibly want, but the grass and the cow’s life will come to an end one day! Our lives also will end someday and that’s it… And this thought, which the cow doesn’t have, suddenly begins to torment every person, once he reaches a certain level of development.

Most people don’t think about this, or they try to forget about it. But in the end, a person develops to such an extent that he begins to ask about this. He wonders: Why is this so? What for!? Moreover, if he sees an inevitable end ahead of him, and pictures it clearly, he feels sick from all the green grass around him. It fails to give him any pleasure if he knows that one day it will all end.

At that point, a person doesn’t want to live the moment. And that is when a very complex inner battle and discernments begin to take place in him. Does he want to continue enjoying the pleasures that he can receive today, tuning himself out from the next moment, or does he live for the future and exist only for the future’s sake?

This constitutes a person’s decision: to live for today and not think about the future, as though it doesn’t exist, or to live for the future and not worry about the present moment. It is one of the two. If I only think about the present moment, I am called an animal, and if I think about the future, I am called a human being. When a person begins to feel this sensation, he turns to the science of Kabbalah. He does it out of despair, due to being unable to find any meaning in mankind’s material development. That is when Kabbalah steps in and explains to the person why everything was created and how he can continue to advance.

The other sciences, too, confirm that man’s activity in this world is inherently flawed, and that we are destroying the world. We need to take from the world only as much as animals take. After all, our body is just an animal. And the rest of our efforts should be devoted to spiritual development, in order to rise to the “human” degree. This is where Nature is pushing us: to reach the human level.

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