The Greatest Activity Takes Place Inside Our Desires (Advanced)

activity1A question I received: In our world, we are used to knowing that progress is always expressed through some kind of proactive actions. But the activity you speak of seems to be more like an inner reflection, similar to meditation, where all I have to do is perceive the world differently. In that case, how do I express any activity?

My Answer: Your activity is expressed in your desires. After all, there is nothing in existence aside from desires. Our body is nothing but an animal which grazes in a field in order to remain alive. The more actions you carry out above and beyond what is necessary for this animal to survive, the more you will impair your internal efforts to understand who you are, where you are, the reason for your existence, and what is happening around you in the world. This is what internal reflection really is.

If instead of going deep into yourself in this way, you will spend your time on various mechanical actions, then you will be stealing from your internal efforts and as a result, bringing harm to yourself. Moreover, you will be harming the whole world. The only thing a person has to do in this world is to make actions that are vitally necessary for his body, while devoting all the rest of his time to inner development. This is exactly how all of the harmony in Nature is achieved, and Nature will compel us to maintain the same harmony.

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