American Healthcare Reform: To Be Or Not To Be?

reformSymptoms: America is in agony. All people can think about is healthcare reform.

Medical history: Everything began with the money factor being introduced into the doctor-patient relationship, which threw greed into full gear. Now every player in the health care system is looking to save money. This is how the law of mandatory insurance came about.

The system is tried and tested: the first several thousand dollars must be paid out of one’s own pocket, and then an additional $20-30 for each visit (besides the insurance). Drugs are ridiculously expensive, and doctors are prescribing them by the dozen.

Doctors pay one third of their salary for insurance, in case their patients decide to sue them. And why shouldn’t the patients sue when there’s good money to be had? You don’t even need start up capital to sue a doctor. All you need is a lawyer who will sue and retain 30-50% from the award as his fee. And so the wheels keep turning on this well-oiled machine known as “The Healthcare System.”

Prescription: We must change our relationships with one another. If the pharmaceutical companies were to think about curing people, rather than maximizing profits by pushing drugs, if the insurance companies were to concern themselves with maintaining the public’s health, rather than expanding the business of being sick, if the doctors were to stop being afraid of insurance companies and of their patients, and start treating them according to the accumulated knowledge and experience of their profession, and if the patients were to regain faith in their doctors… well, there simply wouldn’t be any need for reforms!

But in order for that to happen we must recognize the evil and greed of our highly developed egoism. 51 million dollars have already been spent just on advertising for this reform. The greed clouds our vision and prevents us from thinking of our neighbors. But gradually, we will begin to understand that unless we change our attitude to others, we are bringing ourselves closer and closer to our collective demise.

(Sent to me by Dr. A. Angelov, from the Bnei Baruch group in Boston, Massachusetts)

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