The Method Of Infinite Fulfillment

escalatorOur entire life comes down to trying to fulfill our desires, or anticipating the moment when our desire will meet the pleasure, such as the first sip of water you take when your are dying of thirst. But we only feel the pleasure at that first moment of contact between the desire and the pleasure. As soon as the pleasure enters the desire, it immediately begins to nullify the desire, and consequently, the pleasure.

Even sexual pleasure, which is so powerful that it is considered the root of all pleasures, lasts for just an instant. Then the person must think of other ways to fulfill himself. Thus, we are always compelled to chase after something, because this encounter between the desire and the pleasure is what we call life.

Without this constant chase of trying to bring pleasure into one’s desire, a person cannot be considered alive, for he has nothing to live for. In fact, if a person cannot fulfill his desire, he will be willing to take his own life. Yet, humanity is bound to reach a point where people will feel this way, but they won’t even be able to take their lives and bring an end to their horrid state for lack of strength. So what are we to do?

Baal HaSulam says that there is only one solution: “Instead of egoistic reception, we must reach bestowal. Fill yourself with bestowal, because you will never be able to fulfill yourself by receiving. You have tested it and seen it for yourself. But I will tell you a secret: there is a method that can give you the ability to feel perfect, unlimited pleasure. It will give you fulfillment which includes everything, even that which lies beyond the boundaries of this life. But you must know that this fulfillment does not happen through egoistic reception, but through bestowal. It is because everything that pertains to your human qualities exists outside of you – in the desires or souls of others.”

This is what Baal HaSulam means when he says: “Taste and see that the Creator is good.” Try and see for yourself that bestowal (the Creator) is fulfillment, goodness, and perfection. And then you will feel an infinite desire and infinite fulfillment.

The sole purpose of the science of Kabbalah is to bring a person to this state.

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Is Hyponosis Allowed In Kabbalah?

immerse-into-the-waters-of-bestowal-and-you-will-become-pureTwo questions I received on the personal life of a Kabbalist:

Question: Is it ok for a Kabbalist to use hypnosis? Is it a tool the Creator allows us to use?

My Answer: No, and it is not permitted.

Question: In your short bio you talk about your life path, your children, and your grandchildren, but you don’t mention whether you’re married. This leaves me confused because I know how important you consider women in Kabbalah. Why don’t you write anything about your wife?

My Answer: So others won’t be jealous – and that’s not a joke!

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Stanley Fischer: Israel Was Barely Scratched By The Global Banking And Credit Crisis

progressIn the News (from Matzav):Fischer: Israel One of World’s Safest Places for Investors” “Israel was barely scratched by the global banking and credit crisis” … In an exclusive interview at the Bank of Israel headquarters in Jerusalem, the Governor of the Bank of Israel said foresight and “some luck” not only helped the tiny nation in the Middle East avoid the credit crisis, but stabilized and subsequently strengthened its own currency in the process.

My Comment: He may be right, but as the saying goes: the night is still young.

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The Most Crucial Point In All Of Reality

Contradictions Bring UnderstandingIt is very difficult to explain how to enter spirituality to someone. To do it, one must understand that it pays to be a giver. A person is willing to do anything, to pay any price, including his corporeal life, in order to attain eternal life. And we do see people paying for this with their lives. A person is willing to invest all of himself, to sacrifice everything he has, in order for everyone to know about him and to remember how great he was. He thinks, “I will show them all!”

We feel this way because our egoism is an imprint of the spiritual world. This is why we sense eternity inside our egoism. But when you tell a person to revoke his egoism – his entire foundation, without getting anything in return (in this world or the world to come), then he feels that he will have nothing left. It’s because he was hoping to receive a reward inside his egoism. Therefore, it seems absurd to him to nullify it. He reasons, “If I start bestowing to others, I will disappear. Where will I be then, and what will happen to me?”

The transition point from this world into the spiritual world “the world to come” is the most sensitive, significant, and crucial point in all of reality. It is the point of transition between the two worlds, a switch from reception to bestowal.

In order to draw people closer to it, even a little bit, we have to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah in a broad sense. We have to explain these concepts clearly and very professionally. And slowly but surely, we are getting there.

As a result, we will save people many years of suffering. We are thereby speeding up time, giving the world the chance to take a leap and perform the necessary corrections. Instead of going through terrible physical suffering and learning from it (which may drag on for decades), you are giving people knowledge and understanding, so they won’t have to go through the suffering physically, in the corporeal world. The explanation should be given to them with love, out of the realization that it’s necessary, while seeing the whole system and understanding that it is good in the Creator’s eyes. This is how you can do something good for the world.

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