Is Hyponosis Allowed In Kabbalah?

immerse-into-the-waters-of-bestowal-and-you-will-become-pureTwo questions I received on the personal life of a Kabbalist:

Question: Is it ok for a Kabbalist to use hypnosis? Is it a tool the Creator allows us to use?

My Answer: No, and it is not permitted.

Question: In your short bio you talk about your life path, your children, and your grandchildren, but you don’t mention whether you’re married. This leaves me confused because I know how important you consider women in Kabbalah. Why don’t you write anything about your wife?

My Answer: So others won’t be jealous – and that’s not a joke!

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  1. I don’ t understand this logic

    a man with children and grandchildren not mentioning that he is married could as well be divorced or hus wife deadline

    i can understand that if youl write very much about Your wife telling maybe there wouls be maybe someone getting jealous.

    So My question is why would it be bad if someone is getting jealous?

    With kind regards


  2. I am sorry for the faults in My spelling….
    It should ofcourse be dead and not deadline..:)

  3. As a student of various yeshivot in Jerusalem and having studied authentic Kabbalah for over 15 years it is astonishing that Michael Laitman would simply state that hypnosis isn’t permitted by Kabbalah – “source please.” The fact is that many Rabbonim have authorized its use in both mental health and spiritual applications. NO WHERE does the Kabbalah nor any real authority of Kabbalah dismiss either is effectual possibilities nor say that it is forbidden.

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