Our Only Prayer Should Be To Have The Correct Desire (Advanced)

laitman_2009-03_7926A question I received from my student: Can the Upper One pass on His desire to the lower one?

My Answer: This is exactly what He does, but only in response to our plea, “Give us the correct desires!” We pray only about our desire, for it to be like His: “Make your desire similar to the Creator’s desire.”

You don’t need anything else from Him, other than a new program for your behavior, for how to act. You have to receive a new mind, power and knowledge from Him, in order to be able to work with your “matter” correctly. More precisely, you have to recognize how flawed your current behavioral program is, because it is opposite to the program He is acting upon. And then, you have to ask Him to replace your program with one similar to His. That is when you will be corrected, made equivalent to the Creator.

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Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll Top The List Of Internet Searches By Kids

rav-and-kids3In the News (from CNET):Kids’ search terms: Sex, games, rock ‘n’ roll” Kids search for the damndest things online. …”I think seeing how dominant the terms ‘sex’ and ‘porn’ are, that they come up well within the top 10, doesn’t surprise us,” said Marian Merritt [Symantec Internet safety advocate].

My Comment: The proper education is not to restrict the kids, but to help them develop and form the right objectives and values, which will direct their natural desires in such a way that they will use them correctly.

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