So You Think You Are A Kabbalah Prodigy?

prodigyThree questions I received from beginning students:

Question: We are located at the center of the Philippine archipelago, and there are no recognized Kabbalists here. Can we learn Kabbalah from you? Do we need a real person to activate the 10 Sefirot of our bodies? Who is our initiator if there are no representatives here from the Kabbalah center?

My Answer: If you connect to our studies, the group, unification and dissemination through the Internet, this will provide you with everything you need to advance spiritually.

Question: I have always searched for the meaning of my life, but I could never find a good enough teaching to fill the gap and to complete the missing pieces of the puzzle, until I met you and your wonderful teaching. I would just like to express my gratitude to the Creator and to you for bringing the Light to this world and for sharing it with the blind, like myself.

My Answer: Hold on to this admiration: it will give you strength to advance toward the Creator. And good luck!

Question: What should I do if I feel that I am a Kabbalah prodigy at 20 years old? Should I just keep learning or am I allowed to teach from my own analogies of what I know so far?

My Answer: Your knowledge is a delusion. You have to let the Kabbalistic texts go through you, and when you do, you will soon see how mistaken you were.

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When You Don’t Know What You Want

building-the-third-templeA question I received: In Kabbalah, “to come out of exile” or to want to come out of exile means to want to rise above one’s egoism. But why would people want to come out of it? A person feels that his egoism is him. Why would he want to come out of himself?

My Answer: Because it’s inevitable! The Creator is the Light that created our desire. Sometimes He shines on a person with the Light a lot, and sometimes not so much. He uses these changes to build new desires in us. However, He does not fill these desires; He simply awakens them and causes them to grow.

This is why, with every passing day, we feel worse in every aspect of our lives. This is also why we want change, since we want changes to happen in order to feel good in our desire to receive pleasure.

And then one day, a small spark appears inside our desire, which comes to us from the Creator Himself. It’s a spark of Light, the property of bestowal, and from this spark or desire, we start to yearn for bestowal.

At first we don’t understand what it is we want. We only feel that what we want must come from a different world. All of a sudden, a person starts feeling that it is useless to receive, that there is no end to reception, and that it doesn’t have any meaning. He wants something different.

Thus, instead of the question, “How can I have meaning in life by receiving pleasure?” a new question arises in a person: “How can I have meaning in life by giving pleasure to someone else?” This question originates from a desire called the point in the heart.

Gradually, a person continues to grow and reaches Lo Lishma, a spiritual search for one’s own sake, and from there he reaches Lishma – for the sake of bestowal.

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Do The Impossible, Don’t Just Say It (Advanced)

how-can-singularity-be-transformed-without-changingA question I received: When you say that a person has to learn to receive pleasure from bestowal, and when you speak about the principle of “love for your neighbor,” these things seem very far-fetched and unrealistic. Why?

My Answer: Our problem is that we don’t even understand how unrealistic they are. A person must first reach a state of seeing that it’s impossible for him to have the quality of bestowal. Then, he will be able to “scream out” to the Creator, and the Creator will endow him with this quality.

It is not within man’s power to change himself, and moreover, it takes many long years of inner work to realize this. Yet, at the same time, a person has to understand that there is no other way to go, and he has no choice. He must advance toward bestowal, because this is the only option Nature gives him: either the desire to enjoy will try to receive pleasure egoistically, and will remain empty, plunging into crises and misfortunes, or it will be transformed into bestowal. The catch is that it is impossible to transform it to bestowal!

So what are we to do? If a person reaches a breaking point where he sees that there is no way out, then he screams out to the Creator. And the Creator, the Upper Force or the Light, then influences and changes him.

But when a person simply says that this is unrealistic, his words are meaningless. When a person truly feels this way, then he is standing at the threshold of the spiritual world, the Machsom, and is at the end of the period of concealment. And then, he comes out of the exile.

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The Social Hierarchies Of The Past No Longer Apply

truth1Until our time, humanity’s development occurred within set boundaries and clear-cut hierarchies, such as religion. A person always knew what he would do with his life and how he would develop. If his father was a blacksmith, he would be a blacksmith. If he was in the tailoring business, he had to dress as a tailor ought to dress. Everything and everyone had distinct roles and functions, and people would look for these boundaries because they needed their relationships to follow a hierarchy.

What are the advantages of a hierarchy? Suppose I am on a particular level. It follows that I want the people above me to be as powerful as possible, so they will be able to protect me from those who are below me, who may pose a danger to me. In addition, whoever is at the head of this pyramid must be merciless and powerful; he must inspire fear and, therefore, love. The only thing that can be higher than him is the Upper Force, which protects him.

This pyramid always existed, until our generation. People have always guarded it, developed within it, and wanted to preserve it. These hierarchies, where one person is subjugated by another, were very important to people. For example: captain, lieutenant, sergeant, etc.

But today, the pyramid is in ruins. The former rules no longer apply. From now on, we have to move forward and build a new system of relationships. And the only way we can build it is through the study of Kabbalah.

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