When You Don’t Know What You Want

building-the-third-templeA question I received: In Kabbalah, “to come out of exile” or to want to come out of exile means to want to rise above one’s egoism. But why would people want to come out of it? A person feels that his egoism is him. Why would he want to come out of himself?

My Answer: Because it’s inevitable! The Creator is the Light that created our desire. Sometimes He shines on a person with the Light a lot, and sometimes not so much. He uses these changes to build new desires in us. However, He does not fill these desires; He simply awakens them and causes them to grow.

This is why, with every passing day, we feel worse in every aspect of our lives. This is also why we want change, since we want changes to happen in order to feel good in our desire to receive pleasure.

And then one day, a small spark appears inside our desire, which comes to us from the Creator Himself. It’s a spark of Light, the property of bestowal, and from this spark or desire, we start to yearn for bestowal.

At first we don’t understand what it is we want. We only feel that what we want must come from a different world. All of a sudden, a person starts feeling that it is useless to receive, that there is no end to reception, and that it doesn’t have any meaning. He wants something different.

Thus, instead of the question, “How can I have meaning in life by receiving pleasure?” a new question arises in a person: “How can I have meaning in life by giving pleasure to someone else?” This question originates from a desire called the point in the heart.

Gradually, a person continues to grow and reaches Lo Lishma, a spiritual search for one’s own sake, and from there he reaches Lishma – for the sake of bestowal.

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