Do The Impossible, Don’t Just Say It (Advanced)

how-can-singularity-be-transformed-without-changingA question I received: When you say that a person has to learn to receive pleasure from bestowal, and when you speak about the principle of “love for your neighbor,” these things seem very far-fetched and unrealistic. Why?

My Answer: Our problem is that we don’t even understand how unrealistic they are. A person must first reach a state of seeing that it’s impossible for him to have the quality of bestowal. Then, he will be able to “scream out” to the Creator, and the Creator will endow him with this quality.

It is not within man’s power to change himself, and moreover, it takes many long years of inner work to realize this. Yet, at the same time, a person has to understand that there is no other way to go, and he has no choice. He must advance toward bestowal, because this is the only option Nature gives him: either the desire to enjoy will try to receive pleasure egoistically, and will remain empty, plunging into crises and misfortunes, or it will be transformed into bestowal. The catch is that it is impossible to transform it to bestowal!

So what are we to do? If a person reaches a breaking point where he sees that there is no way out, then he screams out to the Creator. And the Creator, the Upper Force or the Light, then influences and changes him.

But when a person simply says that this is unrealistic, his words are meaningless. When a person truly feels this way, then he is standing at the threshold of the spiritual world, the Machsom, and is at the end of the period of concealment. And then, he comes out of the exile.

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