The Social Hierarchies Of The Past No Longer Apply

truth1Until our time, humanity’s development occurred within set boundaries and clear-cut hierarchies, such as religion. A person always knew what he would do with his life and how he would develop. If his father was a blacksmith, he would be a blacksmith. If he was in the tailoring business, he had to dress as a tailor ought to dress. Everything and everyone had distinct roles and functions, and people would look for these boundaries because they needed their relationships to follow a hierarchy.

What are the advantages of a hierarchy? Suppose I am on a particular level. It follows that I want the people above me to be as powerful as possible, so they will be able to protect me from those who are below me, who may pose a danger to me. In addition, whoever is at the head of this pyramid must be merciless and powerful; he must inspire fear and, therefore, love. The only thing that can be higher than him is the Upper Force, which protects him.

This pyramid always existed, until our generation. People have always guarded it, developed within it, and wanted to preserve it. These hierarchies, where one person is subjugated by another, were very important to people. For example: captain, lieutenant, sergeant, etc.

But today, the pyramid is in ruins. The former rules no longer apply. From now on, we have to move forward and build a new system of relationships. And the only way we can build it is through the study of Kabbalah.

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