All I Can Do Is Teach You

uniteA question I received: I would like to receive and share the Light for the sake of the Creator, not me. So, I have been reading your essays, clues, and teachings very happily and thanking you all the time. If you don’t mind, I would like to get your advice on the must-do and must-not-do, or the key works that one must do in order to receive the Light and be a servant of the Creator. I don’t know how many of my 613 (+ 7) egoistic desires have been corrected by now. However, will it be a selfish request if I ask you to help me correct myself and receive the Light and reach the Thought of creation?

My Answer: All of one’s 613 desires become corrected simultaneously. It’s because the soul is always whole and never in parts, just like a drop of semen, an embryo, or an adult always have all the elements of a body.

Your task is to go through the 125 steps of correction. If you ascend to the first step, you will reveal the Creator to the degree designated by this step. I cannot help you do this in the way you are asking me to. I cannot do it for you. I can only nourish you and teach you to grow.

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The Spiritual Roots Of Life Events

freeA question I received: Each of our material life events is followed by emotions and feelings. Sometimes the same feelings can follow rather different events. Does it matter what the event is, which causes us to have feelings, regarding the root and branch connection? Does each material life event have only one root, or can one root come into action as branch through different events depending on the person?

My Answer: Every object, time, event or act has its own spiritual root. An Upper Force that descends to our world cannot produce more than one action. Each object or act has its own force, or its own angel.

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The World Is A Playground

adultsA question I received: You have often mentioned that man has to bring the entirety of nature to harmony. But wasn’t nature created in harmony?

My Answer: Nature dwells in absolute harmony, but this harmony lacks one element – man’s “I.” This is missing from nature’s harmony because of the egoism inherent to man, which was intentionally created within him. When Nature is seen through man’s ego, it appears chaotic and lacking in harmony.

There is a world and a Nature that are much wider and greater, far more integral and global than what we see. It incorporates the whole system of the universe, where all elements are ideally tied together. And this entire system is governed by forces that we can’t feel or see. The reason why they elude our perception and understanding is our egoism. Our egoism stands in the way and distorts Nature’s perfection.

Thus, we see the immense global and perfect system as imperfect, because it is distorted by our egoism. However, this gives us an opportunity to correct ourselves: Through our efforts toward correction, we become equal to the Creator.

Imagine that I bought a puzzle in a toy store. I bring it home, shuffle the pieces and give them to my toddler son to put back together. Why did I break the puzzle? It was for my son to learn and to realize how to assemble the pieces correctly.

Thus, our entire society, everything man has created throughout the millennia, our entire culture and civilization, are nothing but a game that we must master in order to become like Nature (the Creator). Then, this entire world will disappear from our perception and cease to exist. When we attain the spiritual world, then our entire universe, everything we perceive today through our five senses, including ourselves and the word around us, will vanish. This world will disappear like an old toy.

Instead of it, we will perceive another level of existence, another world, different kinds of interactions, and another layer of reality – one that’s eternal and perfect.

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We Are At The Threshold Of A New Civilization

Our "I" Is Outside of Us!Our civilization has gone through many transitions from one socio-cultural framework to another, but all of these transitions occurred on the animate level, the level of human egoism. This is why the frameworks were always changed in minor ways, but never in the way of an inversion. It is because they were all founded on egoism, where people’s end goal was “to get the most.” And because a person always “gets the most” at others’ expense, all our existing institutions were founded with the sole purpose of holding people back from annihilating one another.

Eventually, all these institutions will naturally transform to their opposite, because people will change inside. Once transformed, these institutions will support us in a way that enables us to complete each other, give to each other, love and fulfill each other.

However, none of these changes will be carried out “from above” – by the authorities, but rather, they will happen because every individual will go through an inner transformation. New ways of relating to each other will develop from the ground up, just like our civilization developed; this will happen in accordance with strict laws of Nature, guided by the development of informational data or genes – Reshimot.

The science of Kabbalah says that one way or another, we will reach the final state. It says, “You will reach a state of being in harmony with Nature and equal to the Creator. However, your path there can be good and fast, or you can be brought there through suffering and blows of fate.”

This is the same as the treatment that a child receives: If he is smart, he understands what is being demanded of him and sees that there is no other way to go but to become a human being and to learn. He then applies his own efforts to get there. But if he doesn’t acknowledge the need to change, then he will be forced to do so by way of “beatings.” Either way, he will have to change. Thus, the current crisis is Nature’s way of pushing us to advance and become human.

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