We Are Slaves To Our Environment, So Let’s Use This Knowledge

usethisA question I received: When society tells me that I must have a new condo or a can of Coke, I don’t have to make any efforts of my own to be influenced by them. Does the same principle apply to spiritual desires? All they have to do is tell me that spirituality is something that’s good for me, or do I also have to do something myself?

My Answer: You don’t have to do anything more! Whatever your environment considers important is what you, too, will start to respect, to desire, and to want to have. When the people around you repeatedly tell you about how important an object or an event is, then you won’t be able to stop thinking about it; it will not let you sleep. This is because it cancels your identity, your personal “I”!

You will struggle and ask: What do I live for if I can’t have this or that? I am wasting my life without it!” You are not the owner of yourself, because society determines everything. Whatever goal it sets for you is the goal you will pursue. With the right “aiming” of the correct environment, anything is possible, even attaining the Creator!

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Would You Walk Through A Wall You Couldn’t Perceive?

wallA question I received: I am a student of the virtual Learning Center and I, along with others, am awaiting and very anxious for you to acknowledge this question. In the book, Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life, on page 128, I found the following quote: “Because our caveman would not have the sense that perceives the wall as Matter or as Form in Matter, he would be able to go through walls as if they were air.”

Unless I misunderstood the information, the statement is inherently wrong. Just because one doesn’t know an object doesn’t mean one cannot interact with it. The text mixes concepts from quantum mechanics and the reality of the macro world. The applied logic is not logical. Matter will always be perceived as such, regardless of the form it takes on because our senses are made to perceive matter. In cases where our five senses are not sufficient, matter can be perceived with proper instruments.

Example: when I did my first scuba dive, I was surrounded by a huge number of forms and shapes I never saw before. Yet, my senses were able to register them. Please clarify the above statement.

My Answer: Let’s start from the opposite: there are walls that we do not perceive. Do we stumble upon them or do we go through them without noticing?

Everything exists in us, in our qualities, or in our five senses. If they were different, they would depict a different world to us. The book talks about a “caveman” because besides our qualities, we have also accumulated information and systems that create the “surrounding” illusion.

Until we acquire a quality that is opposite to us – bestowal, we won’t understand the qualities of anti-matter, and we won’t realize that the world is “depicted” inside us.

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How Accurate Is The Kabbalistic Chronology Of The Past And Future?

chronologyA question I received: Kabbalah bases part of its reasoning on a certain chronological order, scaled by the millennia of the Babel Kingdom’s existence and by the dates of Adam’s life in Babylon. However, the work of a modern mathematician in the area of historic chronology (Anatoly Fomenko, Professor of Mathematics at Moscow State University and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences ), casts doubt on the generally accepted sequence and the dates of events. For instance, he dates the Egyptian pyramids to the 11th-14th centuries B.C.E. as per the dates of Zodiacal images found in them. This means that egoism wasn’t growing for 2000 years. The dates of the books can also be wrong, with manuscripts mistakenly dated as being more ancient, when, in fact, they were written later.

Kabbalah, being an extension of science beyond our world into the spiritual, relies on the sciences of this world, including history and chronology. What if the actual chronology is radically revised: can it be possible that the Kabbalists are also mistaken in their descriptions of historic events (the dating of Adam’s life as well as the lives of other Kabbalists?

My Answer: Up until now, all doubts about the Bible’s validity have been proven wrong, historically speaking, which confirms the authenticity of the Biblical story. The Biblical calendar starts with Adam – the beginning of man’s correction in this world, and it concludes with the final correction of all people, throughout 6000 years.

Over the past 5769 years, everything predicted by the Bible (as we, Kabbalists, know) has come true. The Book of Zohar, written 2000 years ago, says that our times (from the year 1995 on) is the time of this book’s revelation. And this is coming true! There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. However, everyone has the right to doubt everything in the world. This is the right of every scientist.

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