Are You The Messiah?

bornA question I received: Are you the Messiah? Since no one besides you can explain what’s happening in reality so accurately and wisely, and everything you say is true, this is the conclusion that comes to mind. Who or what is the Messiah according to Kabbalah: an object, an individual, an animal, or an action?

My Answer: The Messiah is the Force of the Creator which pulls us out of our current, limited perception, when we feel only this part of the world, and into the full sensation of the world. Messiah comes from the verb Lishmoh – to pull out.

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The Journey To Infinity Starts With A Point Of The Soul

How to Keep Effective Virtual ConnectionsBaal HaSulam says that when we start looking at the world through the point of the soul, we develop a different perception of reality. This is a new sense, in addition to our five corporeal senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste).

Within this new sense, I perceive an image that I call “the Upper World,” or another dimension. I then perceive both myself and this world inside this new, different sensation.

When you start perceiving the true, Upper Reality, you start seeing that your former perception is relative, that it is just one possible reality, and not the only existing reality, the way it seemed to you before. You start looking at the former reality in a detached way, and you see that this it is relative: it may exist, or, if your body dies, it may not.

However, when we switch from one perception of reality to the other, the new perception of reality does not annul the former. You begin perceiving them together and you see one of them as originating from the other.

But then you embark on yet another journey to an ever-expanding, true, eternal and absolute reality of the Creator.

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