A New Look For The Spanish Website

The new Kabbalah Spanish website was recently launched, just in time to support the South American Congress in Argentina taking place August 28-30. Congratulations and many thanks to those who contributed to the great effort required to develop this new site.


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Leading Japanese Financial Newspaper Runs Ads Blaming Jews For The Financial Crisis

anriIn the News (from Japan Today):Jewish human rights group protests ‘anti-Semitic’ ad in Nihon Keizai Shimbun” In a press release also posted on its website, the Wiesenthal Center’s associate dean Abraham Cooper blasted the Nihon Keizai Shimbun for having “broken a longstanding commitment to desist from running advertisements that promote anti-Jewish stereotypes, by running an advertisement for two books that promote the canard of Jewish control over the global economy.”

The advertisement for “Why did the Jewish financial system collapse?” (author: Kotaro Nada) asks rhetorically, “Is it true that the Rothschild family controls the global economy?” and purports to explain what was behind the failures of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Citibank and Bear Stearns. The ad also touts a second work by Nada titled “Jewish Money: Why are they able to continue to move the global economy?” The Nihon Keizai Shimbun boasts a claimed daily circulation of over 3 million copies. It is often compared to The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

My Answer: Of course the Jews are to blame for it all, because they don’t disseminate the method of the world’s correction to the world. This is how they cause all the miseries in the world, and not only the global financial crisis. See Items 70-71 of Baal HaSulam’s “Preface to the Book of Zohar.”

Even though the nations of the world don’t know this, they subconsciously feel that “it’s all the Jews’ fault.” After all, the “light” in their lives depends on the nation of Israel, which holds the wisdom of Kabbalah. Moreover, from now on, if the nations of the world won’t receive the method of correction in time, they will “join together against Jerusalem,” as stated in The Book of Zohar and in the books of the prophets.

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Don’t Restrict Your Material Pleasures!

it-all-comes-back-to-youA question I received: There are pictures on your blog showing that you, too, enjoy life’s material pleasures. I really enjoy movies.

Does this mean that the spiritual goal isn’t important enough for me yet? I work to disseminate Kabbalah on the Internet and am learning to become an editor of Bnei Baruch’s materials. I always watch your morning lessons, and I devote a lot of time to the inner work. However, are my efforts enough, since I still find time to go to the movies once every week or so?

My Answer: Don’t restrict yourself in any way. Just study Kabbalah, and you will gradually change under the influence of the studies. For the time being, keep whatever previous pleasures you still enjoy, and just consider them your “little weakness.”

Asceticism, coercion and restriction run contrary to spiritual development! All the right inner changes occur in a person only under the influence of the Upper Light (Ohr Makif), according to the saying: “I created the evil inclination, and I created the Torah to correct it, because the Torah’s Light returns one to the Source.”

Through the study of Kabbalah, you initiate internal transformations, until you finally attain equivalence of form with the Creator. There is no other means to truly correct yourself. This is why Kabbalah is opposed to any sort of restrictions or any other means besides the studies.

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Man Is The Only Thing In Reality That Needs Correcting

adviceA question I received: In recent years, the Russian mass media has been extensively manipulating public opinion. Moreover, the influence brought about by the flow and density of this information exceeds people’s normal requirements as well as their ability to process and absorb it. This means that their perception is by definition distorted, wrong and unhealthy, regardless of the content. Would you care to comment on this?

My Answer: Only education and enlightenment can offset this. We have to act under the conditions we have, in the existing reality, without trying to destroy it. There is just one thing in reality that we have to correct – man.

Kabbalah’s view is the following: Let’s say we have a pill that we can drop into the city’s water supply, and when people drink the water, it will make them smarter, less prejudiced, and kinder. Well, even if we had this opportunity, we should by no means do this! What’s needed is a conscious correction in all regards.

Therefore, we should gradually help people feel the need to correct their qualities. A person needs to reach this realization on his or her own. It is because the entire reeking abyss of egoism has to be revealed first. It comes to us from Nature. Nature intentionally brings forth inner qualities in us that are opposite to spirituality, in order for us to realize that we need to ascend above this opposite state.

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