Man Is The Only Thing In Reality That Needs Correcting

adviceA question I received: In recent years, the Russian mass media has been extensively manipulating public opinion. Moreover, the influence brought about by the flow and density of this information exceeds people’s normal requirements as well as their ability to process and absorb it. This means that their perception is by definition distorted, wrong and unhealthy, regardless of the content. Would you care to comment on this?

My Answer: Only education and enlightenment can offset this. We have to act under the conditions we have, in the existing reality, without trying to destroy it. There is just one thing in reality that we have to correct – man.

Kabbalah’s view is the following: Let’s say we have a pill that we can drop into the city’s water supply, and when people drink the water, it will make them smarter, less prejudiced, and kinder. Well, even if we had this opportunity, we should by no means do this! What’s needed is a conscious correction in all regards.

Therefore, we should gradually help people feel the need to correct their qualities. A person needs to reach this realization on his or her own. It is because the entire reeking abyss of egoism has to be revealed first. It comes to us from Nature. Nature intentionally brings forth inner qualities in us that are opposite to spirituality, in order for us to realize that we need to ascend above this opposite state.

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