The World Is A Playground

adultsA question I received: You have often mentioned that man has to bring the entirety of nature to harmony. But wasn’t nature created in harmony?

My Answer: Nature dwells in absolute harmony, but this harmony lacks one element – man’s “I.” This is missing from nature’s harmony because of the egoism inherent to man, which was intentionally created within him. When Nature is seen through man’s ego, it appears chaotic and lacking in harmony.

There is a world and a Nature that are much wider and greater, far more integral and global than what we see. It incorporates the whole system of the universe, where all elements are ideally tied together. And this entire system is governed by forces that we can’t feel or see. The reason why they elude our perception and understanding is our egoism. Our egoism stands in the way and distorts Nature’s perfection.

Thus, we see the immense global and perfect system as imperfect, because it is distorted by our egoism. However, this gives us an opportunity to correct ourselves: Through our efforts toward correction, we become equal to the Creator.

Imagine that I bought a puzzle in a toy store. I bring it home, shuffle the pieces and give them to my toddler son to put back together. Why did I break the puzzle? It was for my son to learn and to realize how to assemble the pieces correctly.

Thus, our entire society, everything man has created throughout the millennia, our entire culture and civilization, are nothing but a game that we must master in order to become like Nature (the Creator). Then, this entire world will disappear from our perception and cease to exist. When we attain the spiritual world, then our entire universe, everything we perceive today through our five senses, including ourselves and the word around us, will vanish. This world will disappear like an old toy.

Instead of it, we will perceive another level of existence, another world, different kinds of interactions, and another layer of reality – one that’s eternal and perfect.

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