So You Think You Are A Kabbalah Prodigy?

prodigyThree questions I received from beginning students:

Question: We are located at the center of the Philippine archipelago, and there are no recognized Kabbalists here. Can we learn Kabbalah from you? Do we need a real person to activate the 10 Sefirot of our bodies? Who is our initiator if there are no representatives here from the Kabbalah center?

My Answer: If you connect to our studies, the group, unification and dissemination through the Internet, this will provide you with everything you need to advance spiritually.

Question: I have always searched for the meaning of my life, but I could never find a good enough teaching to fill the gap and to complete the missing pieces of the puzzle, until I met you and your wonderful teaching. I would just like to express my gratitude to the Creator and to you for bringing the Light to this world and for sharing it with the blind, like myself.

My Answer: Hold on to this admiration: it will give you strength to advance toward the Creator. And good luck!

Question: What should I do if I feel that I am a Kabbalah prodigy at 20 years old? Should I just keep learning or am I allowed to teach from my own analogies of what I know so far?

My Answer: Your knowledge is a delusion. You have to let the Kabbalistic texts go through you, and when you do, you will soon see how mistaken you were.

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