The Method Of Infinite Fulfillment

escalatorOur entire life comes down to trying to fulfill our desires, or anticipating the moment when our desire will meet the pleasure, such as the first sip of water you take when your are dying of thirst. But we only feel the pleasure at that first moment of contact between the desire and the pleasure. As soon as the pleasure enters the desire, it immediately begins to nullify the desire, and consequently, the pleasure.

Even sexual pleasure, which is so powerful that it is considered the root of all pleasures, lasts for just an instant. Then the person must think of other ways to fulfill himself. Thus, we are always compelled to chase after something, because this encounter between the desire and the pleasure is what we call life.

Without this constant chase of trying to bring pleasure into one’s desire, a person cannot be considered alive, for he has nothing to live for. In fact, if a person cannot fulfill his desire, he will be willing to take his own life. Yet, humanity is bound to reach a point where people will feel this way, but they won’t even be able to take their lives and bring an end to their horrid state for lack of strength. So what are we to do?

Baal HaSulam says that there is only one solution: “Instead of egoistic reception, we must reach bestowal. Fill yourself with bestowal, because you will never be able to fulfill yourself by receiving. You have tested it and seen it for yourself. But I will tell you a secret: there is a method that can give you the ability to feel perfect, unlimited pleasure. It will give you fulfillment which includes everything, even that which lies beyond the boundaries of this life. But you must know that this fulfillment does not happen through egoistic reception, but through bestowal. It is because everything that pertains to your human qualities exists outside of you – in the desires or souls of others.”

This is what Baal HaSulam means when he says: “Taste and see that the Creator is good.” Try and see for yourself that bestowal (the Creator) is fulfillment, goodness, and perfection. And then you will feel an infinite desire and infinite fulfillment.

The sole purpose of the science of Kabbalah is to bring a person to this state.

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  1. I’m sorry If this question does not relate to “method of infinite fulfillment” but it was the only way I saw on how to ask my personal question. Can a non Jew practice kabbalah through your organazation? The reason I ask is because I am a returnee (I did not practice judaism as a youth) but I know that according to the orthadox judaism, a non jew does not practice the mitzvas or practice kabbalah. On your web site it seems as though anyone can practice kabbalah, and you talk about learning torah and doing mitzvas. So if a non jew can practice your form of kabbalah what mitzvas are they doing. Please understand Im not being judgmental or spitefull, just wondering about the gentiles practicing kabbalah thats all. I was adopted as a baby by a spanish catholic family. I knew I was adopted as a youth but did not know my birth mother was Jewish untill I was 40years of age. Thats when I started studying at Yeshiva in Morristown NJ. I only studied there for a short time and became disatisfied with it because I felt I wasan’t becoming any closer to Hashem. Since then I have simply been wandering in the desert. I happened to cross your web site one day and only after a few videos and reading a book called shamati I believe that I have found what I have been looking for. Thank you

  2. French philosophers believe that happiness may well peak in in the anticipation of the fulfillment of the desire.

    This of course, relates to an epicurean definition of happiness.

    I personally believe that happiness is better defined and felt through the state of mind which is receptive (open) experience moments of greater joy that may present themselves spontaneously. Calm (stoic, with a hint of relaxation) before, without anticipation, increasing with it’s materialization, higher during the moments of consumption and ecstatic afterwards, through a period of contemplation and gratitude.

    So, to put it graphically, looking at graph, happiness osculates in the upper registers of the of the modulation, and will peak, going crescendo, throughout the phase and extend at the high end of the scale until well after, due to the effect of gratitude and the recognition we found ourselves in the right state of mind at the appropriate time.

    To me, that’s happiness.
    I’d love to further debate or establish a longer term dialog.

    I like your thought process and the way of expressing it.


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