Why Is Everyone Losing Their Sense Of Responsibility?

a-crisis-is-a-crisisThe only way to achieve anything is to unify. Still, countries continue to behave as if they don’t care what will happen to the rest, although it’s clear that the same trouble will befall them tomorrow. But who cares about tomorrow!

We are not talking about a single individual, helpless and vulnerable, but about whole countries, and even the entire humanity. It isn’t just individuals, but the entire collective that has suddenly lost the sense of responsibility and reality.

This is the Upper Force showing us our global egoism. The whole world agrees to live the moment, closing its eyes to the future consequences.

Kabbalah warns people that in view of the impending suffering, it’s a fatal mistake to think: “Let’s drink and rejoice, for we will die tomorrow!” The current circumstances are deliberately programmed by Nature in order to elevate us to a new dimension. For more on this, see Item 122 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot.”

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