Families Asked To Stockpile Food In Anticipation Of A Serious Food Shortage Worldwide

bottomIn the News (from Eurasianet.org):Tajikistan: President Rahmon warns of food shortages” Tajik President Imomali Rahmon is calling on families to stockpile food, due to the Central Asian nation’s deepening economic woes. Food shortages are “becoming a serious problem” and stocks lasting two years should be built by those who can afford it, Rahmon said in an address carried by the Khovar state news agency. “As a result of the [global financial] crisis, and due to various natural disasters, drought, shortages and other factors, the provision of food in many countries around the world is becoming a serious problem, and according to expert analysis, this process will continue in the future,” he said.

My Comment: Overall, this would seem like a sensible decree. Even if the next few years won’t be very tough, people will have to tighten their belts in later years.

Kabbalah agrees that a person should not put the burden of his sustenance on society’s shoulders. However, the above-cited measures are unlikely to help. The reason Nature (or the Creator) is treating us this way is to force us to come to the realization that we must change our relationships with each other from hate to love.

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