Is An Ego-Free Society Feasible?

egofreeA question I received: I am thinking about what you say about an ego-free society, and the picture I get is quite bleak. Let’s say this society gets created; then our lives will be devoid of everything that is ego-based. We won’t have sports, which are based on selfishness or the desire to win. We won’t have science, since scientists strive for world recognition and glory. All professional activity will cease for that matter, because people will not have the desire to succeed. There will be no such thing as family, because families form when a man wants a beautiful woman, and a woman wants a smart man. The connection between parents and kids will be severed if everyone is equally close. Transportation, manufacturing, and trade will stop as well, since they are fueled by self-interest.

Humanity will degrade to a primitive level of existence where everyone is equal, like a gray mass, with no education and no shelter. Without the ego, everything will stop! This will lead to extinction, since there will be no love for children and no need to reproduce. But at least we will all be in the Upper World…

Is my vision of your suggested system correct? Tell me if I am mistaken, and why.

My Answer: Egoism is our nature. By liquidating it, we would lose the foundation of life. However, by replacing egoism with bestowal, we will attain the ability to do the same things as usual while receiving boundless fulfillment.

The only thing that will change is people’s intention, while all their actions will remain the same. People will receive with the intention to bestow – for the sake of others, which will enable them to fully realize and fulfill themselves.

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