I Don’t Want To Persuade Anyone About Kabbalah

laitman_2009-05-27_8216_wA question I received: You talk a lot about upbringing and education. However, nothing was ever accomplished through persuasion.

My Answer: My organization and I do not want to persuade anyone who does not wish to listen to us. Actually, we don’t want to persuade anyone about anything. We are only addressing those who want to learn about the method of Kabbalah. We address those who feel a need to find a new way of life.

In fact, persuasion is contrary to the laws of nature. This is because a person’s only freedom of will is to change himself, and it is forbidden to deprive him of this opportunity!

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  1. Once again you have a conflict in your teachings: You refer to how we will be pushed to spirituality and nature will give us blows until we accept your teachings, not to mention your secretive ways you instruct your students in secretly disseminating kabbalah. To be honest it sounds like threats, and to be horribly blunt it sounds like “Nature” is violating its own laws. If the Creator violates his own laws, then why should we obey them?

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