How To Pass Through The Eye Of A Needle (Advanced)

crisisWe need to search for similarity to the Creator, to imagine this quality, called “the Creator.” I want to come and see Him. After all, in Hebrew the word “Creator” (Bore) breaks down into two words: “come and see” (Bo-Re).

In essence, we are talking about the Sefirot, which are between Keter and Malchut. Keter, the highest Sefira, is only attained in the end, while Malchut, the lowest Sefira, remains an unformed desire, until we attain the eight Sefirot between them.

We always need to look for equivalence of form with the bestowal of Keter, which we try to imagine. In virtue of this, we pass through the equivalence of form and reveal the knowledge, power, and understanding of what we need to do.

In order to not get confused and to stay in the middle line, we strive for bestowal, which the Creator shows in His regard for us.

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