President Obama Rebukes Wall Street For Not Showing Remorse

feedIn the News (from In an interview with PBS News anchor Jim Lehrer, President Barack Obama said: “The problem that I’ve seen, at least, is you don’t get a sense that folks on Wall Street feel any remorse for having taken all these risks; you don’t get a sense that there’s been a change of culture and behavior as a consequence of what has happened. And that’s why the financial regulatory reform proposals that we put forward are so important … to institute the financial regulatory programs that prevent them from taking some of the wild risks they took previously. And I also think that when it comes to issues like compensation, that at the very least, shareholders should be able to weigh in before these companies are giving these massive bonuses to high-level executives.”

My Comment: Too bad for Mr. Obama that these measures won’t help. What is needed is education of the people in order to change them in such a way that they won’t be able to inflict such irreversible harm to humankind and in addition, be able to recognize that they’ve made a mistake. This change of people’s consciousness in the global world, from individual to collective, is what is being required of us by the general interconnection between us that is now being revealed.

Humankind however, does not have the means to change itself and correct its egoism. Kabbalah offers us the means, according to the principle, “I created egoism and I created the Torah for its correction, because the Light in the Torah brings one back to the Source.” It is therefore possible to attract the Light onto yourself!

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