“Who Owns The Earth?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, author of dozens of books on U.S. foreign policy): “For centuries, Europe was the most savage region in the world, torn by hideous and destructive wars. Europe developed the technology and the culture of war that enabled it to conquer the world. After a final burst of indescribable savagery, the mutual destruction ceased at the end of World War II. …

“But Europeans may also have understood that they had developed such capacities for destruction that the next time they played their favorite game, it would be the last. …

“The blurring of borders and these challenges to the legitimacy of states bring to the fore serious questions about who owns the Earth. Who owns the global atmosphere being polluted by the heat-trapping gases that have just passed an especially perilous threshold, as we learned in May?

“Or to adopt the phrase used by indigenous people throughout much of the world, Who will defend the Earth? Who will uphold the rights of nature? Who will adopt the role of steward of the commons, our collective possession?

“That the Earth now desperately needs defense from impending environmental catastrophe is surely obvious to any rational and literate person. The different reactions to the crisis are a most remarkable feature of current history.

“At the forefront of the defense of nature are those often called “primitive”: members of indigenous and tribal groups, like the First Nations in Canada or the Aborigines in Australia—the remnants of peoples who have survived the imperial onslaught. At the forefront of the assault on nature are those who call themselves the most advanced and civilized: the richest and most powerful nations.”

My Comment: Integration in the European way will lead to brutal massacres in the style of the Middle Ages. No one will protect nature. People will reach a state of complete barbarism, the expression of hate, which has never happened in history before. They will turn into cannibals and devour their children. If only they would hear about their salvation in the realization of integrated education.

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