The Apparent Failure Of The Environmental Summit

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Inosmi): “Almost a week since the Rio+20 Earth Summit ended, civil society is coming to terms with the ‘epic failure’ of global leaders to agree to meaningful action for addressing the worsening planetary and social crises. Campaigners were nearly unanimous in decrying the inertia and lack of urgency shown by governments for tackling issues related to sustainable development, with national self-interest overriding any possibility of dealing with global problems in a genuinely cooperative and global manner. (Source: Celsias)

“Ecology, which some (perhaps justifiably) consider the only new ideology for the last half century, cannot make progress on the issues raised by it. Green activists managed to drive the idea in the minds that the Earth is a finite object, and that society must live in harmony with nature. But this was the easiest part.

“Green extremists: As soon as it comes to concrete action, everyone will inevitably be disappointed. …

“Why? The first reason is that, like any other ideology, there are fanatics among environmentalists. These people require us to “change everything” in our way of life. …

“The second reason is that the division of the world in countries prevents solving problems on a global scale. There is an elementary game theory before us: The principle of egoism of governments is stronger than the principle of cooperation. …

“The failure of ecology is largely associated with the restrictive nature of its initiatives. …It is based on legislative restrictions, and bypasses the international and European laws to directly raise issues of international parliaments. …

“Attitude towards innovation: The greens strive to fight simultaneously on the environmental and social fronts. …The crisis of course, played a significant role in this. It changed the order of priorities, and the central imperative in the current conditions is employment.

“It remains to deal with the main part of the problem: the attitude towards innovations. Too many Western environmentalists continue to perceive science as a problem rather than as a solution: they believe that it has been sold to the capitalists who pollute nature.

“However, to change the way people live in vast territories, you must not try to force them to change habits, but to offer acceptable economic alternatives. Today, the reality tells a different story. A bio-carrot is too expensive, electric cars don’t go far, and renewable energy is not stable and too expensive for taxpayers.”

My Comment: The reason for failure is that the program of social evolution should lead people to the realization of the need to change their nature from egoistic to altruistic. And that is why no efforts of environmentalists can help us make our lives healthier and safer or prevent an ecological catastrophe. This can be achieved only by changing human nature, and not by changing a person. Our “ecological” efforts will only show our helplessness, and failure is inevitable.

Conclusion: It is not ecological principles that must be explained to everyone, but rather, the natural program and the goal of development of human society, based on which if we realize it consciously, we will arrive at an optimal society and existence.

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