Who Will Pull Us Out Of The Gutter?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Now most people, from factory workers to scientists, cannot perform the simplest actions, and in essence, everyday it gets harder and harder. It turns out that in a few years, the only working system will be the system of integral interaction. But why then are we talking about it so quietly? Why aren’t we developing it more actively?

Answer: Unfortunately, we can’t shout. However, we observe this phenomena even on those people who are taking the integral upbringing courses with us.

When they are interacting among themselves, they feel an ascent.

When they temporarily move away from the interaction with each other, they feel a descent in which they feel emptiness and an absence of any energy of movement, internal energy, thought.

However, in the integration with others, an ascent immediately happens in them, an influx of new strength, opportunities appear for the analysis of what is happening. We see this clearly.

Unfortunately, we come across an apathetic attitude of people everywhere to what is going on. They send a person who is in a state of depression to psychologists and give him some kind of medicines, antidepressants and so on. Meaning, that they believe that one needs to fight against this, not understanding that you can’t fight against nature. And this tendency continues to develop. It is already clearly being observed by the young generation, not to mention the adult one.

How do we come out into the wide circles of society, through the upper echelons or the lower ones? How do we approach the middle class without conveying information through the mass media or the attractive elements of conviction, and express our methods? It is not simple. We are trying to move in different directions, but we cannot say that we have succeeded on a large scale yet.

Everything rests on the fact that people do not want these changes. It is very difficult for them to transition from their linear egoism to the public, closed one.

He will lie on the sofa and will not be able to stand up even if he would be told that tomorrow there is a war. Let the war happen, I will just lay here.

We need to convince him that if he will make a small movement forward, will sit into a circle with others, will enter a new method of socializing, then he will receive totally different desires, totally different thoughts of a new order; he will start to fly compared to his previous state.

But this transition for him is purely psychological. We cannot do it for him, and he is not able to. It has to happen as some kind of internal change. Strictly speaking, he must be “attacked” by the group, which will shake him up, will take him into the collective by force, and will convey its new inspiration to him. Something must happen because the man cannot pull himself out of this gutter by himself.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing”, 5/24/12

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