Unity Of The World: Virtual Or Real?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe very concepts of globalization, integration, unity of the word, and the globalization era are metaphysical, spiritual, and virtual, something you can’t see or “touch.” These qualities are beyond what we commonly regard as the material world.

Where and who can show me the action of these qualities, forces, and processes in our world? Even though we are talking about the global world, its reality, and the global processes in it, it is still felt more as a virtual world. After all, it is not clearly incarnated in any actual reality. In our imagination, we build its virtual image, possibly idealizing it, connecting utopia with reality and supposition. But how justified is this approach?

The fact of the matter is that we never build anything without having an image of the future. We have to imagine the future, but at the same time be guided by real premises related to the imagined picture. We have to take examples from nature, its globality and integrality, and build our future society according to them.

The entire complex of problems that has risen before humanity indicates the need to solve these problems conjointly. Today there is not a single problem that is local. Nature is pushing us to become aware of our total interdependence. The globalization that is being revealed is forcing us to suppress our national and regional interests, and to prefer the solution of the global, common problems first.

The need for integration for the sake of all humanity requires a constant dialogue among representatives of every country on an equal basis. In a single organism, all of the parts are equal. Every side presents the problems it deems necessary to solve and the importance of every problem is weighed conjointly, like in a family that discusses which problem should be solved first and in what order the others should be solved. Only by accepting the fact of the global interconnection as a primary condition will we develop the right approach to solving problems.

Otherwise, we will involuntarily slide down to war, which is a refusal to have a dialogue. These aren’t necessarily “hot” or even “cold” wars, but an unnoticeable, centralized, informational influence on people’s consciousness in a specific country with the aim of distorting their picture of the world, their traditional concepts and values. The sensation of this informational weapon’s effect can range from emotional discomfort and insecurity, to a disturbance of the basic infrastructure.

Of course, in any case, whether we develop along a good scenario or a bad one, we will still reach an integrally interconnected society because it is the goal of nature’s development. Humanity’s aspiration to unity is a natural expression of a living system. But this natural process cannot be accelerated artificially. It has to happen consciously and voluntarily because otherwise it will turn into a project that is forcefully executed by the authorities.

Therefore, the priority is people’s upbringing, enabling them to understand the new world in which we are finding ourselves today. Real power has to be built as a universal, planetary, informational, educational system, a kind of mass media. Precisely because the entire formation of the new society, indeed—of humanity, will take place through virtual channels, it is necessary to first solve the question of their proper use.

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  1. This is a valid concern. One major issue, is making sure everyone has an equal voice, and everyone has proper ears.

  2. I tried to build sensetree, but it went unheard. We need to actually construct macroscopic senses using the internet, exactly as they function within us. Instantaneous, massively parallel and in real time. We hear, smell, taste touch and see at the same time. The internet is analogous to the nervous system, let us use it to build the sense organs of Adam, which will then uplift all of us, being able to sense as he does.

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