What Proportions Does Pharaoh Have To Reach?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I stop myself and avoid making mistakes when I know I am being guided by my feelings and am not acting well? And on the other hand, we have to fall in order to grow….

Answer: Indeed, “A righteous man falls and rises a thousand times.” Only by going through the experience of many descents and disappointments, great pain and errors that we have to pay for, do we finally reach the final conclusion and understanding that we have to rise above our egoistic nature. At the end, we understand that we will never be able to unite the mind and feelings together as long as we are inside of egoism.

This is the picture we are seeing in the world today in every country. Mentally everyone understands that we are entering a horrible crisis, but we cannot stop ourselves. Egoism pushes a person forward, ending up stronger than the mind, and therefore, man continues to act according to it.

He cannot do anything with himself. No matter how much we address the world and warn it, no one will hear us. But we are doing that only in order to show everyone that there is a method of correction, Kabbalah. Later, when facing the facts, man will become convinced in practice that he is stumbling upon problems at every corner, be it in economics, upbringing, or anything else. And from that he will understand that Kabbalah talks about correction. Otherwise, you can repeat the same thing a thousand times and no one will listen to you.

The world will not accept this solution until it reaches total despair and the understanding that its mind and feelings are like two poles that will never unite. People will keep making new mistakes. And as long as this happens, nothing will be able to help them. The only solution is to rise above our material mind and feelings for the sake of the spiritual goal. There you will be able to unite your mind and heart in the middle line, and then you will succeed. That’s because they will start working together in one bundle. The heart will understand!

But in our world this never happens and we are always forced to choose: either the heart or the mind. One or the other!

We become more drawn into the crisis with each passing day. Today a new turn of the crisis is starting, and soon it will become apparent. One blow, another, and another—and eventually man will understand. That is how Pharaoh, our will to enjoy, our ego, brings us closer to the Creator, forcing us to understand that we have to hide from him.

It’s as if Pharaoh knows that the sons of Israel will eventually run away from him. So why should he place himself under the blows? But that is how he is built—he brings himself to the blows. A person suffers, and he does not have any choice left but to run away from this force of evil.

Pharaoh is the opposite reflection of the Creator inside of us. The only question is: What proportions will he have to reach so we will decide to run away from him? This depends on the dissemination of Kabbalah, on people’s understanding, and our unification in the group.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/11, Shamati
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  1. I wouldn’t want to not fall a thousand times, otherwise, I wouldn’t have my egoism to overcome. if I don’t have anything to struggle with or overcome, then what would I be doing? I wouldn’t have a higher spiritual level to try to attain and aim at.

  2. Wonderful article, especially the part about unifying the heart and the mind. I have something for you regarding this process.

    we are stuck in 2D, when in reality we are in 3D or even 4D etc…

    This 2D is black and white, yin and yang, good and evil, pleasure and pain, left and right politically, etc. It is duality in the philosophies. It is essentially divided-ness, non unity, war, hatred.

    Imagine you have two rings on a plane. It is impossible to unify them, to link them like links in a chain, without a discontinuity. Imagine the two circles, then imagine them overlapping. The two points where the circles intersect was previously four points in both circles, but now two have disappeared as how can they exist at the same place at the same time? This is the error, the wall, the barrier that prevents unification of opposites without the short circuit (the error / discontinuity) This is what holds most people back in egoism, as this error arouses immense fear.

    Now imagine, indeed, that there are 3 dimensions. Then, the discontinuity (ein sof is continuity, existence from existence) is actually resolved, there is no contradiction, as the points simply exist on top of each other in the x and y, but differently in the z. Sadly, people simply things so much these days without thinking that they never realize that maybe there is more to reality than their current ideas. We get walled off because we think we have the right answer, when in the face of infinity, it is literally impossible to have the whole picture. Yet, of course, this is actually good because then we can grow forever, and never reach a real end.

    Essentially the example is representing the following concept: We have trouble unifying the heart and mind because we lack the connecting point between them (I believe this is called Da’at), the unification of clear opposites. Yet, interestingly, it is the existence of infinity that actually begs us to question the completeness of our own perception. If we are incomplete, then perhaps there is something neither Black nor White, Left or Right, Democrat or Republican (in the US) has considered (Joseph’s colors). Their arrogance and pride has lead them to truly think they have nothing to learn, that they are basically God, and none are above themselves. But this is virile madness and ultimate falsehood, saying one can see better with one eye than two, and is the result of the hole within our hearts because we lack a meaning of life or sensation of infinity. Relativity is basically the proof that we have incomplete perception no matter what. It is not a well understood concept. It basically says that measurements do not exist within points, but only between them. Velocity for example can not be measured if only one thing exists. A person can not be tall if he is alone. The link is realizing that we are in fact the proof (life is) of unification of opposites. We are good and evil, tall and short, strong and weak, all relative to one who is above or below us in quality. But the ladder extends to infinity, and then what does this mean? There is more to it. There is more to it. We are missing something. We must seek it out. It exists, even if we haven’t seen it yet. Ein sof, means there is a compromise, a way, if there is a will, for all already exists. The unification is possible because anything is. Patience, and faith, persistence, honesty, and effort, are all that are needed then. Do you really believe that a solution exists? Or do you lie? Ask yourself, if you feel it, if you know it. Only when there is fire, when one has truly proven to themselves that this is the case, will they seek unending. Perpetually seeking truth, forever. So few ever can do this, that is why so few self actualize, and so few become stars.

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