Keeping Ahead Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur task is twofold: On one hand, we need to work on ourselves, but on the other, we need to help the rest of humanity. It is already feeling the crisis, and at the next phase we’ll need to unite with them so as to continue on the path together. In so doing, we will obviously lead the general movement because people simply don’t know how to reach the goal. We have to become like a “pulling force”: the part of humanity that carries it forward.

In order to lead others, we must first take care of ourselves. However, it’s important to remember that we would not have received the spiritual awakening if we didn’t need to correct the world and lead it. For this reason, we will not achieve success today if we only concern ourselves with our own advancement. We must worry about the whole of humanity, the whole world, so as to bring all people to unifying together into a single soul that we once were. This is the reason we were awakened, and this must be our governing intention.

So how do we develop ourselves while setting the right path for the world at the same time? The general law of our work is that there is a single force called the “Light” or the “Creator,” which governs the world and influences it. This force determines and controls everything. In order to consciously blend in and integrate into its operation, we must wish for it to accelerate our development. Without this desire, it will develop us in accordance with the original program via powerful negative stimuli that drive the masses.

That is why our entire work amounts to demanding accelerated development and keeping ahead of the negative phenomena of nature’s original program. To this end, we must always understand that we stand before a single force that influences us. And we must compel it to exert a stronger, faster, and more effective influence, to literally “pull” it in the right direction.

It is like a son pulling a mother’s hand. But if he’s pulling in the wrong direction, nothing will come of it—they won’t go to the movies if he needs to go to kindergarten, just because he wants to. Similarly, we must always aspire in the right direction, wishing to locate this single force, the only force in existence. We want to study it, to learn how it operates and where it is aimed.

And that is why we demand for it to reveal itself since its actions will then become clear to us. Knowing all this, we demand for it to accelerate the pace of our development. Every time we “pull” it in the right direction, it’s like pulling our mother in the direction of the kindergarten with an even stronger desire and aspiration than her own.
From Lesson 1, the Germany Convention 8/5/2011

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  1. I agree, I can study Kabbalah with unity in mind before me, or I can wander off and forget about it. But either way, eventually, if I wander off the laws of nature will push me through suffering to want it anyway. This is evident even in little moments while studying. If I go away from my studies during the day and am off at the coffee shop and forget that I am studying with the goal of unity, then in my interactions with others or nature, this will come back to me in suffering. I might get annoyed at someone in life or something else in my desires will pop up in my mind because I am not thinking about others. I don’t have a choice, this is how it works whether I want it to be that way or not. It’s the nature of the universe.

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