Run From Misfortune

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we maintain the right intention and thoughts during and after the convention?

Answer: During the course of these hours, we will realize the necessary preparation, and then at various times you will go back to it. I highly recommend this. What happened here will remain with you and you will feel the importance of it.

Whether you want to or not, life in the near future will awaken you to such a degree that you won’t be able to forget what we discussed here. If you work toward correction, the message of the convention will come forth as a positive sensation. And if you neglect this goal, you’ll experience a negative sensation.

So don’t worry, you won’t forget. I no longer worry about my students running off. The kind of life that awaits us will quickly force us to get back to business. After all, we’ve entered a stage of correction of the entire world. You can delay it on your part, but if you don’t wish to take independent action, the Light will put the kind of pressure on you that will arouse your desire.

I hope that you will become afraid of the big blows and that it will oblige you to move forward without awaiting painful pricks from behind. I say this in all seriousness. I want you to run from the blows and that’s why I put things so harshly.
From Lesson 1, the Germany Convention 8/5/2011

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  1. This is true. The logic of the Creator is that we will feel the blows of our egoism if we are not making the correction so that we will make the correction internally anyway.

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