Charges Against Laitman!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I never could have thought that Kabbalists would go out to protest demonstrations. And I didn’t think they were so right-wing. You stand on a high pedestal talking about the need to educate people. Who gave you the right to do that?

Answer: If you read what Kabbalists say about the correction of the world through the dissemination of Kabbalah, then you would not be surprised (see the book Gems of Wisdom: Words of the Great Kabbalists from all Generations and Kabbalists Write about the Wisdom of Kabbalah. If you knew more about Kabbalists, about Baal HaSulam and his meetings with Ben Gurion, about the need for integral, national education (see the newspaper “The Nation”), then you would understand that Kabbalah is the method of man’s correction, the method of educating man until he reaches the level of today’s global, integral world. In fact, without knowing it, we won’t survive.

That is exactly why we are going out to the streets—not in order to explain our opinion to people, but to explain the laws of nature of the new world in which we have found ourselves. Kabbalah has already talked about this many years ago. And it tells us what will happen to the world.

I am not right-wing or left-wing. I am in the middle, a Kabbalist, is not “for” anyone, but only for unity. Therefore, it turns out that I am against the left-wing, who aren’t left-wing at all today, but are “for” terminating the existence of the nation of Israel. And I am fully aware what this entails not only for my nation, but for all humanity, which is why I am against it. I am left-wing and not they, because I am for solidarity and unity. I am for an all-national discussion, whereas they are against any discussion because their objective is to destroy the “Zionist education.”

Upbringing is man’s preparation for a new world, which he has to enter and where he has to exist successfully. Today, as we see, none of the world’s rulers know what to do. The G8 and G20 get together and then go their separate ways without reaching any agreement because they don’t know what to do and neither do their advisers. Look at what I said in my lecture at the “World Wisdom Forum” in Arosa, Switzerland six years ago: That the most important thing is upbringing, meaning to teach people the laws of nature that are being expressed in the world today (and see what scientists are saying about this today!)

Kabbalah is a practical science about the new world. It waited precisely for our time to become revealed and to help people understand how to keep on living. I believe that people do need this. And I believe that they will understand this is the good way, before suffering forces them to it.

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  1. We are behind you Rav Laitman. You are the only one who is talking any sense and giving the world real solutions!

    Everyone else is just barking his opinion.

    Unity is the only solution

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