Common Problems Are Solved At A Common Forum

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In connection to the protest movement in Israel, it’s scary to see that people do not understand the essence of what is happening….

Answer: What we have here is a “festival” and nothing more. There are people who really do want to change the situation in the direction of social justice. But what is “social justice”? Let’s discuss this with politicians and economists. If you want to exert a real influence, then you have to go into politics—there’s no other way to go about it. We are all smart and even housewives think that everything has to be done differently, but that is no way to get things done.

Start looking deeper into the situation and you will see that everything is permeated by countless threads of interconnections. Every person has his own opinion and his own calculation. Every person is flaunting his own muscles; finding a solution is not simple at all.

There’s one thing that can’t be denied: We have to reach a consensus and create a somewhat different balance—take away a little over here and add a little over there. However, nothing will appear out of thin air. Any addition can be found only by cutting something off somewhere else. That’s why the head of Israel’s central bank is proposing that the demonstrators sit down at a negotiations table, since the issue at stake is a complex conglomerate of problems.

Besides, the situation is not nearly as horrible as some people are trying to make it appear. The economy is on the rise and foreign investors are investing a lot of money in the country, which is not typical for the modern world by any means.
Obviously, there are things that have to be fixed. So let’s act step by step. Let’s create an open forum where we will present a list of demands, and all together we will place things in the right order of priorities.

That is how questions are solved in a family: We sit down and start discussing the situation. Everything has to be considered: the number of children, the health and well-being of the parents, the monthly income, savings for an emergency situation, the necessary expenditures, and a priorities list….

And we have to act on the national and worldwide levels according to the same principle. That is why we need an open forum and a “familial” interconnection, built upon mutual guarantee. That is the only way we will make the right calculation, by understanding that everyone depends on everyone and by supporting bonds of love and unity among us. No one wants to profiteer off another person. On the contrary, we review all of the possibilities and look for a way that will satisfy everyone as much as possible.

Like in an amicable family, we have to insert optimality into the formula of the solution. And here we won’t manage without an open forum where the government and the nation will reach a mutual agreement. However, the instigators who are manipulating the protest pose an obstacle to this, and the government still isn’t “concerned” enough by what is happening.

Eventually the course of events will spur them to this, but even now it’s already clear what the right solution is: an open forum based on just one principle of mutual guarantee. Here we will discuss how to divide the “common pie” between all members of the family. Let’s take all of the circumstances into consideration, put everything in their places, and see who needs help and to what extent. Then, by mutual agreement, we will start solving the problems one by one.

If we want to receive funds at the tycoons’ account, then we have to invite them to the forum as well. Let’s show them respect. After all, people receive salaries by working at their corporations. If we force them to leave the market, then major investments in the economy will run dry. Blaming the rich man for all the troubles is the last thing we should be doing. He will simply close up his factory and go away, and you will be left without work, but with your nose proudly up in the air.

Why should a rich man be ashamed of his wealth? That is how the world is arranged. Do you want to turn it upside down? Then you will be left without food.

At the end of the day, everything depends on upbringing. But in any case, the most important thing is dialogue. There are simply no other alternatives.

Many people today want to “ride” the wave of the protest, and that includes the politicians who have brought the country to the current state of affairs. “We also think that the housing situation is unbearable.” But wait a minute, weren’t you the ones who made the decisions back in your time? Wasn’t it you who sat in the legislature and government for years, facilitating the exacerbation of the problems?

The only thing that will help us is an open forum under the common roof of mutual guarantee.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/11, “The Peace”
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