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Living Within Your Limits

laitman_623Question from Facebook: You always say that a Kabbalist must limit himself to the necessary minimum. But the minimum is different for each one. How is it possible to determine the limit?

Answer: A person determines this limit himself by directing all his thoughts and characteristics to uniting with others and through them to unity with the Creator. At the same time, it is natural that the rest of the small desires, drives, and interests will be nullified.

Even though I consider myself to be a Kabbalist and am specifically involved with this most of the time, I must write and explain the wisdom of Kabbalah to people.

So, I listen to the news and watch popular scientific programs in order to conduct my lectures and talks on the basis of this.

Besides that, I love good jokes and stories because this shows how much the human intellect can turn everything around and discover the union of opposites. In principle, this is exactly what is found in a good joke.

Question: Are the minimum necessities a forced equality so everyone will be on the same level?

Answer: No. Not in any way. The main thing is for a person to find an important purpose in life and everything else he does will be subordinate to it. Everything else will be secondary. So everything will get along, becoming natural.

I learned this from my teacher. He loved walking in the park, eating well, going to the sauna, and swimming in the sea. But all this was so minor compared to his spiritual pursuits, with the height at which he was, this was perceived as concomitant.

A person must determine and define the goal precisely. Then the necessities will take care of themselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/30/17

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Where Do The Delusions Of Humanity Come From?

laitman_628_2Question: If initially we don’t have a soul, then what in this world is considered to be a soul?

Answer: I don’t even want to talk about what is considered, because there are so many opinions and delusions in our world that it is impossible to list them. I am talking about what the science of Kabbalah tells us.

All the preconceptions of humanity are based on the fact that it decided to explain in its own way the great foundations of general nature, both material and spiritual, while it is comprehended purely by experiments, scientifically and provable by people.

You just need to conduct such experiments that will help you attain a soul and you will see all the mutual dependencies, connections, and divisions between its parts. In accordance with this, you would be able to describe everything that happens in the single desire that, on the one hand, is broken and, on the other hand, is interconnected in all its states. This is the subject that the wisdom of Kabbalah studies.

Question: So there is no greater myth than the myth about a person’s soul, because it is interesting to humanity and it’s difficult to attain?

Answer: That is why a lot of different speculations were created around it and charlatanism flourishes. So many different things are said about its location, in the heart or head, or it is even called the third eye. But our animalistic body is completely unrelated to the soul.

Comment: Some say that when body dies it becomes lighter by 25 grams and this is the soul.

My Response: Firstly, the body becomes much lighter than 25 grams. Secondly, if the soul leaves it, does it mean it has weight? How difficult it is for people to get rid of the prejudices of the material world!

The body is a desire, not a receptacle of a soul.

Moreover, we don’t even have the desire to acquire a soul, because the soul is a desire to give and we only have a desire to receive. The difference between them is in the intention, for whom do I use this desire: for myself or for others.


Comment: We don’t feel electromagnetic waves either, yet they exist.

My Response: You can detect the waves, but there is no way to detect the soul, because you yourself must create the device for its discovery. It is called the quality of bestowal or the intention to bestow.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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Consciousness: Beyond Time And Space

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of the main laws of nature is the law of conservation of energy. If nothing disappears, then presumably we also do not disappear. What happens to our consciousness when we die?

Answer: In nature, nothing disappears but passes from one state to another. There is no such concept as “disappear.” Therefore, consciousness passes from one form to another, from one carrier to another—if it exists within us at all!

It can be said that consciousness doesn’t exist within a person, that it is around him, or maybe even in a completely different dimension, in another space. Our brain is kind of a modem that picks up the general consciousness to the extent that it needs to realize itself at the moment.

Question: There is a collective consciousness, and there is an individual consciousness of each person, that which I pick up from the collective consciousness. It turns out that individual consciousness continues to live on?

Answer: Yes. Nothing disappears. It only changes its structure, design, just as our body decomposes into basic elements.

Remark: I would really like to remember my own self.

Answer: Your “I” exists in the consciousness, not in the physical body. Consciousness per se is information. Informational connection exists beyond time and field. It permeates the entire universe.

Information does not disappear, it can only change its medium. And we can not say for sure in what form and where it exists. This is the way wisdom of Kabbalah views it.

Remark: I support the idea that consciousness is a global phenomenon. Therefore, the individual consciousness is like a small holographic copy that picks up certain things from the collective consciousness. In this case they are truly connected. However, physics does not yet discuss what happens after death.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that nothing else exists. Our bodies and the whole corporeal world are only an illusion. This world is called “an illusory world” and is considered nonexistent. Everything else exists in the consciousness.
From KabTv’s Lesson in Russian 12/25/2016

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Do Not Confuse Spirit And Matter

laitman_625_03Question: If every corporeal thing has a spiritual root, my family wasn’t given to me by chance either. If the Creator exists, does this means that I should reveal Him here, in the family?

Answer: There are corporeal and spiritual components.

The corporeal component is the family, and you should live within this framework and care for it. And the other component belongs only to the spiritual, which means to the soul. We should not confuse the two.

In our world, I have to care of my children, my wife, my relatives, and my parents, but this has nothing to do with my soul. It is as it says in the Torah: “Therefore, a man should leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife.

Question: How can we examine the relations in the family solely as animals? If people truly discuss and solve different spiritual problems in the family and listen to the opinions of their relatives, is that also a corporeal inclination?

Answer: There are different families, depending on what they discuss and what they think. This is your business. I don’t reject the family, but I believe that family decisions, even the most serious ones, have nothing to do with spirituality.

Comment: We have said that good relations between a husband and a wife can help them reveal the Creator’s presence.

Answer: They can, of course, if only they succeed in doing that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/27/16, Part 1

Laitman_025_02Question: Man has a corporeal body. Does the soul have a body?

Answer: The body of the soul is called the desire to bestow.

Question: Is it possible to not get confused by the fact that all of the worlds and all of reality are inside me and that the feeling is that everything is external to me?

Answer: It is impossible unless you begin to feel the upper reality. In the meantime, it is a purely philosophical question.

Question: Once we  we reach this egoistic corporeal world, do we remember our initial spiritual state if it already existed?

Answer: No, we don’t remember. We can only imagine and picture it to ourselves, and nothing more than that. However, there is no need for us to do so. We must advance and not delve into the past.

Question: Can you give a concrete example of love and bestowal in the spiritual sense of the word?

Answer: Connect to your friends in the group to such a degree that you feel them as one unique whole and, at the same time, cease to feel yourself. This is a spiritual feeling. It is useless to try to look for spiritual actions outside the group and outside the friends.

Question: How does reality change when I begin to see the work of the upper force through me and though those around me with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: When you connect with the upper force, you begin to understand how you must bestow unto it and focus on the goal consciously in order to change the corporeal reality. At the same time, you yearn to reach total resemblance and equivalence with the only upper force of leadership so that you and that force will become one whole. This is what a person’s correction comes down to.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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In A Tightly Connected System

laitman_553Question: Does a soul, which leaves our world, decide for itself when it must be reincarnated in a body, or does the Creator decide this?

Answer: Since we are all connected, in this respect we have no freewill. Each one of us is a part of an immense general closed system; therefore, our movements are strictly limited and stipulated without exception. We can only change them from plus to minus, from minus to plus, like in a binary system in a computer, nothing more.

We are initially included in a single system and are completely interdependent, as small gears in a single system. Therefore, the soul of one person cannot manifest itself in different states, it is connected to all other souls.

From the beginning of the system to its end, everything is predetermined: when we are born, when we die, how we are positioned with others. The only thing that we can do is to guide the system more rapidly toward complete correction in a good way, through ourselves and through others.

Question: Does that mean that the Creator makes decisions based on circumstances?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t make any decisions at all. We are in a given system of rigid laws of the upper world from the start. It exists and functions within itself, so it doesn’t require any unique higher power.

We raise a desire (MAN) and receive a response (MAD) from the system accordingly. This means that we exist in relation to an ideal system and everything depends on the signals that we send to it. In the same manner that we influence it, we receive a response.

This general system is called the Creator. It doesn’t make any decisions because it is absolute. Making decisions is something that happens with people. We activate the system when we introduce ourselves into the system as a constituent unit, and we receive a response from it according to the manner in which we connect with it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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If Life Is Not Full Of Eternal Meaning….

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: I am ready to live on the face of the Earth forever in a state of high prosperity. There is a lot of work to do; it will be enough for a long time….

My Response: You are talking like a child playing who is being dragged to bed, but he resists and screams that he isn’t done playing. Humanity has already begun to understand that all of this is nothing more than toys.

Therefore, if life is not full of eternal meaning and amounts to the existence of the beastly body in the material world, then it is meaningless.

This can be seen in the attitude of the present generation to life. They take drugs and don’t need anything. They are tired; they don’t want to work, and they don’t want to study. Maybe they still want to make money…but what kind of a goal is that? We ultimately see that humanity is “marching” toward degeneration.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains this as a delay in our spiritual development. We, like overripe berries, are beginning to slowly rot. That is the state of modern humanity.

So we don’t need to think about living forever in the beastly body, but about how to achieve a real life that is eternal, infinite, perfect, and spiritual.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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A Soul And Its Substance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the soul?

Answer: The Creator created the creature, which is a desire to receive pleasure. The Creator is the Light that created the desire to receive pleasure.

A state in which the Light or the Creator fulfills this desire and dwells within it is called the “world of Infinity.” And the fulfillment itself is called “Light” or the “Creator.”

A Soul And Its Substance

In the further development of the desire, a breakage of the desire into a multitude of individual desires happens; the stipulated amount of these desires is 600,000. Since all of them were broken, each one of them has a small portion of the Light.

This state is called the “individual soul,” but it is not a soul, only a point of the soul within which we cannot feel anything except a yearning to return to the former perfect state in which all the parts are connected together and are one single soul, which is one for all of them.

In our day, we can connect all these parts, meaning we can organize a closed system among us that will be a particular segment of the soul.


In what way is a part different from a segment? The part of the soul is the point in the heart that yearns to return to the perfected soul, whereas a segment of a soul is a gathering in a group of ten, which is the minimal part of the collective soul that can function as a complete soul.

Since each soul is composed of ten Sefirot, it is possible to differentiate parts within it that will work exactly like the whole, but on a reduced scale. If we begin to connect these parts, the scale will increase.

But in principle, all the laws that are discovered in a group of ten will be identical with the laws that exist in the collective soul, but to a smaller degree because they will be less apparent, not rounded in the same manner.

Our role is to create a group of ten from people, each one of them having part of the soul, meaning a point in the heart. Ten of these points that connect together are called a “segment” and the sum of the segments is called a “complete soul.”

Question: Is a soul a desire to receive?

Answer: A desire to receive pleasure is the substance of the soul, but this is not yet a soul.

To understand where we are found, it is simply necessary to attain the characteristic of the state that is called a soul. This is the characteristic of bestowal, mutual connection, going out of yourself.

Therefore, all the examples and exercises in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah are based upon attaining maximal connection between us.

Question: Is it possible to call a segment a soul?

Answer: Yes, but it is similar to the manner in which you look with your unaided eye at a small segment of some picture and then when you add other segments to it, meaning more and more parts of the soul, you see the entire form of the picture, as if you were looking at it through binoculars.

So when you gather the souls together, you are getting an even fuller picture and see characteristics that you may not have paid any attention to before because they were hidden due to the small scale.

For example, if you look at an entire map, it is possible to see a city as a point. If you increase the scale, you see the name of the city. If you increase it more, the streets are visible, and so on. It is the same thing here. What this means is that thanks to the addition of other groups of ten to our group of ten, we begin to see more characteristics, connections, and laws.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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What Can One Do So As To Not Reincarnate Anymore?

laitman_764_1Question: What can one do so as not to reincarnate in the material world?

Answer: A person must reach either the whole or a fragmentary state of the soul.

It depends on the root of the soul. There are souls that reach their fragmentary correction, and further correction is carried out on the account of others. There are souls that have to work more actively. They come back to the material state and dress again in their “donkey” (animalistic body) to continue the attainment of the upper world from the next level.


That is, some reincarnations occur in the spiritual form and some through dressings in our world.

Question: Could the soul reincarnate, let’s say, as a donkey, or only in a human body?

Answer: What does reincarnation have to do with a donkey? A donkey is an animalistic, vital force, nothing else.
What we feel as inanimate, vegetative, and animate manifestations around us and also as our own animalistic nature is only the feeling of our desire. Actually, this world does not exist. It is called “an illusory world.”

Therefore, such states are possible in our reincarnations when we rise to higher tens and then fall down and find ourselves in inanimate, vegetative, or animate nature again. Then, we rise again to the human level and afterward, to the spiritual height.

This is all just a metamorphosis of our reincarnation in one single desire, in one single soul.

We are talking only about one desire, which is divided into inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees, and the human degree. We circulate in this desire, up and down, down and up: inanimate, vegetative, human; animate, vegetative, inanimate, human. And so on, and that is all. When one is in animate perception, meaning on an animate level of desire, one feels himself in his body.
From the Lesson in Russian, 11/06/16

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Appreciate Life

laitman_760_3Question: Does the existence of our world have value?

Answer: The existence of our world has very great value because only within this state is it possible to achieve correction.

Therefore, I highly recommend appreciating life and the opportunity that has been given to us. Who knows if there will be another opportunity like this and when?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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