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Are There Random Thoughts?

Laitman_727Question: Is the collection of our feelings and emotions predetermined or can they be developed? And if so, who develops them: the individual or society?

Answer: During the course of one’s life, a person does not choose anything; he does not have freewill. He gradually moves through various experiences that are given to him so that he will eventually acquire a certain quantity and quality of experiences and arrive at their correct differentiation and realization.

This can go on for many lifetimes until he accumulates the necessary quantity of experiences. And then he comes to Kabbalah.

The set of all the person’s collection feelings and reactions to different events is determined in advance. There is nothing random on any level of nature, not even the smallest detail. But for the individual, it is confusing: it seems like he does something, influences something, then suddenly something accidentally happens. There are no accidents; everything is completely predetermined!

Question: So, a thought is a product of a desire within me. Am I only able to think about what I want?

Answer: Yes. Thoughts always steer you toward new fulfillment. What you want is what you think about.

Question: Sometimes some strange thoughts come into my head, over which I have no control. Let’s say, I am sitting in a lesson and suddenly I remember how six years ago I sailed on a ship or drove somewhere in a car. It is not clear where these thoughts come from?

Answer: There is a continuous rearrangement, classification, connection, and ordering of our thoughts that goes on within us—there is nothing random in this process. It is possible that it seems completely incomprehensible or unnecessary to you, but it just seems that way. In reality, it is not “the ship” or the “six years ago,” but rather those data that are recorded in specific compartments of the sensory and mental memory so as to ultimately lead you to some spiritual sensation.

Question: How do you work with this?

Answer: You don’t. You must continue to move forward only with what is presented to you in the given moment. And these are not disturbances, these are what there is in this moment. Do not pay attention and against the background of all this, continue to focus only on one thing: sorting out your thoughts, your feelings, and aiming them toward the goal to connect with others in order to reveal the general force of unity called the Creator.

Then you will enter a level where everything will open to you and you will understand all the details, all the connections, everything that exists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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A Science About Feelings

laitman_219.03Question: What are feelings from the Kabbalistic viewpoint?

Answer: A feeling is a sensation in the desire.

Desire is the matter of all of creation, and the sensation inside the desire is called feeling. Since all of creation is one differentiated, integral desire, then all that exists inside it is feelings.

We are not talking just about the universe here, but about all the worlds, about the entire, vast creation. There are two kinds of feelings found there, hatred and love, and we exist between them.

Therefore, we must see how to differentiate them, on what basis do we make a verdict: the feeling that I treat with hatred or love, whether the feeling itself is called “hatred” or “love,” or do I determine how it will be in relation to a certain sensation? In other words, it is a science about feelings.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Is Eternity Attained On Earth?

Laitman_049.01Remark: They say that a person who remains in history has found eternity. Indeed, for example, such people as Plato or Spinoza have been dead for a long time, but we remember their names.

My Comment: What does it mean—eternity? Material reality is just an illusion; it does not exist.

Our world will exist until we reach the upper world. As soon as humanity begins to rise in its mass to the spiritual world, our world will evaporate, dissolve as in fog, and cease to exist.

You will understand this when entering the ladder of attaining the upper worlds. Remaining in our world, you will see that this really has to happen—our material world will evaporate in the future because it exists only in our sensations.

Remark: But meanwhile people are making every effort to somehow leave their mark in history, in any form.

My Comment: What is left for them? In this way their egoism seeks to establish their “I.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/14/17, Part 2

laitman_556Question: How and with what is the strength of the soul measured?

Answer: The strength of the soul is measured by the strength of the screen (Masach).

Question: What is the force of Light? What is the difference between a great force and a small force of Light?

Answer: The great force of Light is a great bestowal, and the small force of Light is a small bestowal.

Question: Will I be able to use knowledge and attainments of other people once I connect with them into one soul?

Answer: Yes. This is absolutely clear. After all, we connect with the knowledge and forces of other people in our world.

Question: How does an egoistic desire to enjoy spirituality turn into a soul?

Answer: When an egoistic desire is corrected to an altruistic one and begins working for reception in order to bestow, then it turns into a soul.

Question: Can I, through my relationship with my parents in this world, study the concept of spiritual parents and from the earthly branches learn about their correlation to their spiritual roots? Is this possible?

Answer: No. You must treat your parents like parents, with respect and love. But you do not have any connection with your spiritual parents.

Question: Are the desires to eat, sleep, and breathe desires of the serpent—egoism?

Answer: No, these are usual animalistic desires that are necessary because we exist in our physical body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/14/17

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laitman_628.1Question: What place in a person’s soul does one’s corporeal ancestors occupy, one’s father and mother?

Answer: Absolutely none.

Question: Do the corporeal fate and qualities of a person depend on the place of his soul in the system of Adam HaRishon?

Answer: It does not depend on that at all.

Question: Will our generation wait to reach unity with all the souls?

Answer: I do not know to which generation you belong. Perhaps you are over 90 or 100 years old, but you can still reach unity. Attainment knows no age.

Question: Isn’t the Creator the source of everything that exists in the universe? If this is so, then is He the master of the two sources: the so-called good and evil?

Answer: That is correct

Question: Do I understand correctly that a person’s soul consists of the desire to receive?

Answer: This is absolutely right. Only of this. And this desire is initially egoistic and later is corrected to the opposite one.

Question: Who controls the serpent within a person? Is it the Creator?

Answer: Of course the Creator.

Question: What should I do when I discover something within myself that I cannot handle? Should I run away?

Answer: Where can you run away to? We will not run away; we will have to correct ourselves.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/14/17

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laitman_627.1Question: If the soul is one for all, and the soul is similarity to the Creator in terms of qualities, does it mean that the similarity to the Creator is also one for all?

Answer: No, each one has his own part. After all, we all are parts of the common soul and each part is completely unique. To become similar to the Creator means to transform one’s part from an egoistic form into an altruistic one, according to who you are by nature.

Question: Is it true according to Kabbalah that the more you are disgusted by a person, the more you fill your soul by loving him?

Answer: The greater the minus, the greater is the plus created above it, and consequently, the greater your soul is.

Question: Why is it sometimes said that a soul is a part of the Creator and sometimes, that this is a creation, a desire to receive?

Answer: It’s the same because according to its filling, a soul is the Light, and according to its nature, it is a creation, the desire that is opposite to the Creator. In other words, a soul consists of two opposite parts.

Question: What is the freewill of my soul if the beginning and the end are determined by the Creator?

Answer: The freewill is in reaching this end on your own, so that you are not urged “to happiness by the stick,” but you aspire to it yourself.

Question: If I love people and help them, will the Creator pass the Light through me?

Answer: No. The Creator will do nothing through you just so. Only if, while being in the group, you fulfill all the conditions that are described in the Kabbalistic sources.

Question: Is Kabbalah a science about love?

Answer: Yes, true love is something that arises as a result of realizing Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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What Is Wrong With My Soul?

laitman_628.2Question: What is wrong with my soul? Why should I correct it?

Answer: Let’s start by saying that you do not have a soul and that you must attain it. A soul is a part of the Creator.

When the egoistic desire, which we discover inside us, begins to work with love and bestowal, it becomes what we call a soul to the degree that it exits itself and resembles the Creator. But if a person does not have such an altruistic desire, he does not have a soul either.

Question: But there is the concept of a corporeal soul?

Answer: This is merely a force of vitality that keeps our physical body alive. We have nothing but that. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a soul means our resemblance to the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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Why The Soul Requires Correction

Laitman_117Question: Why does the soul require correction?

Answer: From the start, one single creature existed called a soul. So that the creature can feel independent and attain the greatest blossoming, meaning the level of the Creator, it must pass through shattering and correction.

Therefore, in our world each one receives a small part of his soul. In each one of us there is a small part of the general soul called Adam HaRishon (the First Man) or simply, Adam (a desire). The fulfillment of the soul is Light.

In fact, the creature doesn’t feel itself in the beginning of its creation because in it there was very little desire and a very small Light. To bring it to a state resembling the Creator, the soul was broken into 600,000 main parts, and as a result of continued division, it became a multitude of many more fragments.

In each fragment, meaning in a small individual soul, there is a desire and its fulfillment also. During the shattering, these fragments began to feel independent; partitions appeared between them, as there are between people, and they began to feel cut off, torn off, and detached from each other. This rejection is called egoism. And at present it is necessary to gather all the fragments and bring them to their original state, to connect them into one general desire and fill them with one general Light.

But where then will the egoism disappear, which separates us as such, that each one is imprisoned in his Klipa (shell)? Nowhere. It is up to us to connect with each other against the egoism, and then we receive a Light that is 613 times greater than it was before.

In this way, instead of feeling a tiny bit of life: cold here, hot there, a bit of light, a bit of shade, we begin to feel piercing states. We feel, “with whom we have business,” who is giving us power and life, how it is possible to relate to the Creator and enter into a connection with Him: “I am to the Highest, and He is to me.” In other words, we begin to attain the Creator and rise to His level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/23/17, Part 1

laitman_560Question: If the soul is a desire, then what is a broken desire? Is it a desire that you do not want?

Answer: An egoistic desire to receive pleasure only for one’s own sake without considering anything else in the world is called a broken desire.

Question: How can a soul have a name? Who gives a name to a soul? Is it the Creator?

Answer: A soul itself earns its name according to the degree to which it ascends. The level of similarity to the Creator determines the name of the soul.

Question: Is the soul one for all?

Answer: In general, we attain a state where we see that this is exactly so.

Question: Is there a meaning of life for one single person as an individual or is there a common meaning for all the people on the planet?

Answer: A person alone will not be able to find the meaning of life because we all come from one single soul of Adam. Therefore, only the attainment of the common soul gives us a feeling of the meaning of life.

Question: Is the antagonism between the parts of a single soul a trick of the Creator?

Answer: Yes. This is necessary for us in order to unite between ourselves despite our egoism and to reach the force of desire that is 613 times greater than the one we had in our initial state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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Two Incarnations Of A Great Soul

Baal HaSulam is the greatest Kabbalist of our time. It is very difficult to speak of such a tremendous force because we do not really understand what it means to be a Kabbalist. He lives alongside us and at the same time in a different world. A Kabbalist actually lives in two worlds.

For a Kabbalist there is no confusion. He sees the upper world and the lower world. But what interests him most is their interdependence: how it is possible to make corrections in the upper world from the lower world such that it again influences the lower world and our world rises to the level of the upper. This is the task of every Kabbalist.

A Kabbalist is coming from that desire which characterizes him in the general system of the soul called “Adam.” Each of us has a different root. It is called “point of reference” or “point in the heart.” And that’s why each reveals the upper world in their own unique way.

However, all points in the heart reveal this system in a relatively similar fashion. Nonetheless, all those who wrote prior to Baal HaSulam, for example, had a very difficult time writing a commentary to The Book of Zohar.

And prior to the appearance of The Book of Zohar, no one was able to write anything even resembling it, despite the fact that many Kabbalists knew more than Rabbi Shimon. They just couldn’t describe it the way he could.

That is, in Kabbalah there are many such conditions: you can be great, a spiritual genius, but cannot describe anything, you simply don’t have the ability.

But Baal HaSulam had both of these qualities. It’s amazing! In the entire history of Kabbalah there was practically no Kabbalist with such ability.

Moses was the greatest Kabbalist, and still the Five Books written by him are written in such a way and in such language that everyone can interpret them in any way they want.

And what was written by the Ari in his work The Tree of Life cannot be understood at all; here, a clear attainment of the spiritual world is necessary for one to even begin to understand what he is talking about. In this book, purely physical data are laid out, just as in any physics textbook.

That’s why when the Ari started to teach, the only one who was able to appreciate him was a great Kabbalist of his own time, the Ramak. He sent all the other students to the Ari as well, emphasizing that this material is something new. But neither they, nor he, were able to understand the system of the Ari, not even to the day he died. And that’s because the Ramak belonged to the previous generation of souls, those who came into this world prior to the Ari.

That’s why Baal HaSulam openly says: “All that I attained, I attained following the Ari’s soul incarnating in me,” in other words, he was the Ari’s next incarnation. What is meant here is not the physical body, since it doesn’t exist and neither does our world. The only thing that exists is the shattered, scattered desire in a tremendous egoistic space.

In this space there are drops, like raisins in a cake that have inclinations toward unity, toward adhesion with the Creator. But we don’t feel these inclinations because we exist in an ocean of egoism, we sit in this dough, that’s why we don’t even sense our ego. Each “raisin,” each point in the heart, constantly undergoes all types of corrections.

Baal HaSulam happens to have been the outcome of that same “raisin,” which was the Ari, that same soul who was the Ari, who continued his work. This is called an “incarnation.” In other words, this is not a separate soul, but that same soul continuing its work, only under different conditions, in a different generation.

And what does a “generation” mean? It is not what happens to us in our world. When many points in the heart, embryos of a soul, even though they are changing constantly, while they still exist in a wrong kind of connection between them, they imagine themselves ostensibly experiencing our world.

That’s why it is most important that we think not of this world, presenting itself to us through our five animal sensory systems, but instead about that which is happening through the point in the heart.

Question: When a soul reincarnates, is the individuality preserved?

Answer: The soul engages through various external conditions. The Ari brought into our world The Tree of Life. The next time that same Ari came, he was called Baal HaSulam and brought into our lives Talmud Eser Sefirot.

Question: In other words, he held the same spiritual level of attainment as the Ari?

Answer: Even greater.
From the Lesson in Russian, 10/16/16

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