The Wisdom To Reveal The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan’s origin is from the ape and he has developed gradually as the great Kabbalist the Ari said 300 years before Darwin. The Ari said that a person’s physical body stems from the ape, while the inner, spiritual content is determined by a combination of the upper forces. Kabbalah deals with the person himself and not with his corporeal body.

Every person develops thanks to his connection with his environment as he absorbs others’ attributes and opinions. A person couldn’t develop if he lived by himself in the woods. We develop thanks to our mutual incorporation.

It is said, “Go and make a living off each other,” which, in spirituality, means that everyone includes everyone else inside him and thus develops. To the extent that a person absorbs the desires of others, the knowledge, and the code of behavior, he develops. No one can develop by himself. A person doesn’t develop because he becomes smarter, but by absorbing from others.

To the extent that we are enriched by our mutual incorporation, we reach new scientific discoveries and discover a new society. There is no other factor by which we can discover the new reality, both in the corporeal sense and in the spiritual sense, except for the amount of our incorporation and connections between people. Thus, we expand our vessels of perception and everyone is enriched thanks to others, and we begin to see a picture that is more and more complex. This includes the revelation of new forces and laws, the development of science and it all is revealed to a person according to the complexity of his incorporation in everyone else.

We live in a perfect reality, and all there is to know about it already exists. However, in order to discover this, we must be incorporated and connect more strongly with all the parts that are in each of us. When we begin to collect these parts after the shattering, this connection allows us to discover the wisdom of reality, the true form that is called the development of science.

We discover more and more of it because each of us is incorporated in everyone else. This complexity, this connection, allows us to understand the picture of reality despite the separation, by comparing the plus and the minus, by comparing opposite conditions and attributes.

So, even on every level of the corporeal world, our success depends only on the connection between all the strange parts. This determines our mental and emotional development, both the corporeal and the spiritual, as a result of the shattering and its correction.

Only by connecting and the right mutual complementation will we discover the general essence of reality that is called the Creator, the force that is beyond all of reality. As it is written, “From Your actions we know You,” which means that we will reach the original idea that everything was created by Him as the result of discovering reality, its forces, and its different phenomena.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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