Give, Give, Give Us Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that before we go out to people it is necessary to obtain the power of the Creator with the help of the group, the teacher, and the books?

Answer: To obtain the power of the Creator means understanding that His power, His revelation in that Kli, which is designed for this, is necessary for me. That is to say, not within my Kli, but rather in the Kli of the other. I take other people’s deficiencies and raise them to the Creator; that is, I ask for the power of their correction from Him, for the discovery of the fulfillment within them.

People want more money, but I know that it’s possible to satisfy this desire only through approaching the Creator. All the unsatisfied desires for money, honor, control, health, security, and problems in education are derived from a lack of Light. This is specifically why people are screaming. They go out to demonstrate in the streets or sit at home and silently curse the whole world and governments, but basically they want Light.

They simply don’t know what this is, like an infant who doesn’t know why he is screaming; he only knows that he hurts! But why he hurts and what needs to be done in order not to cry but to laugh, is unknown to him.

And since I do know this, and therefore, through the reception of the deficiencies of people, what they suppose they are missing, I raise them as I feel them, in a different form already. I feel that they lack Light! And this is what is called turning to the Creator. I work for their sake, as on a higher level, and raise their requests to what is above that, to the next level above me.

In this manner, their prayer, their MAN, which is only: “Give, give, give! Give us food, sex, family, money, respect, information.” I pass these to the Creator and say: “We, which is to say they and I together with them (because they stick to me in my AHP, and we become a single spiritual Partzuf), need your help! We require your Light so that it will correct us and fulfill to give You satisfaction.

And as proof that I truly want to please the Creator, I nullify myself towards the group, the teacher, the study, and the outer world, humanity. I am ready to make concessions to these in order to show the Creator that I truly want to attain bestowal, even just a little, even without intention, but at least a little! And then according to this “small amount” the Light acts on me, and through me, it passes to those below. Thus a link is created: lower—upper—upper upper, and I am like a big brother to the little ones, taking twice as much in order to convey it to others.
From the Preparation from the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 08/26/13

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